Order received first time indoor grow

Received my seeds today came quick can’t wait to get started thanks ilgm


Awesome news! Make sure to start a grow journal so we can tag along.


First time is always memorable, hopefully you get good memories.
ILGM or any seeds? only start two at a time, weekly (else you may be overloaded).
You will do good. As recommended Journal, share with us, and fill out support ticket,
Makes it easier to read or remember, one of those , I hope.

It has taken me my year to learn all the terms and practice this art.
I lived 40 year to grow again and loving it.
Not thrilled with the world, but appreciate forum friends.
Good growing to you.


Still have my unpublished journal in files on camera and in computer :rofl: :rofl:…That was from my first grow ILGM blueberry…I think…2019 or 2020?.. I guess I’m a lagger… :turtle:
Bu yeah @Weedman show us your grow…