Order problems, first order

This was my first order and already issues, my order was supposed to be delivered today according to the usps tracking and nothing showed up…feeling very skeptical and disappointed…who or what should I do now

I’m obviously not going to purchase more since my first order didn’t show up…who should I talk to

Contact support , they can still be in transit

How do I do that

@NERO13 , I have no clue who are the moderators are now , but you can @ and anyone’s name on here you think that have a badge by they name says moderator or grow specialist and they should get right to Carol or support , make sure you have receipts, of purchase or confirmation and they will address the problem 99% refunded , might take a minute , being it’s 1000’ s of orders daily, but once they can pull your order info , it will be fixed immediately and expeditiously, but not rapidly to your door , hope this helps .

@spyonyou @Matt5.14.21 , @MidwestGuy @dbrn32 can you guys help get this customer to support please ! Thank you guys or gals

Thank you for your help

It could also be USPS, if you ordered in the U.S. With a couple other (non-weed) items in the past couple months, I’ve had either a package stuck in “awaiting transit to next facility” for about 10 days, and recently, tracking was never updated for an envelope I sent, even though it had arrived on time. I know those aren’t your package tracking problems, so my point is that USPS isn’t what it used to be. All the best. I, and many others, have ordered from ILGM with no issues, so don’t give up. :slight_smile:

I certainly would give it until Monday before contacting customer support

USPS is super slow right now. I would give it a couple days first and then if they don’t come by next week, I can help you contact support. However, this is not a forum issue. This is a seed bank and order issue and we have no control over any of that here. This is just the growing support forum.

So you have an issue with the USPS and are blaming the seed shop?! They have zero control over how the postal service handles your package.

This is a grow forum and not the seed store. You had to have had contact with the seed shop via email so that is your venue. Frankly; blaming the post office for this is kind of silly.


@yoshi here are the mods: @Covertgrower @dbrn32 @Matt5.14.21 @Myfriendis410 @imSICKkid


It’s the post office. They marked my package delivered 2 or 3 days before they actually delivered it. Had me freaking out that they put it in a neighbors mailbox or something.

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@NERO13 did I help you buddy ? Don’t panic it’s a big family and we all want the same exact thing, happy growers ,and smokers by any means necessary is our company motto High times for Happy Vibes !

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Never had a problem , they will get there

Yes, thank you for your help and understanding.

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I’m 95% sure this is what’s happening to your shipment as well, we’ve seen this happen quite often lately.

I totally understand why you’d be worried about this! I see we’ve received your email, my colleague will get back to you in a few hours but I just wanted to let you know now, that you won’t have to worry too much. :relaxed:

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