Order placed sep 3 and still no seeds

placed an order and the funds were taken out of my bank but no seeds and no feedback from anyone. may have to look to other seed banks to fulfill my order. hell i can’t even get my money back

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I never ordered from ILGM but only herd good things .I live in the states so my average wait time from seed banks is 9 weeks . It’s very frustrating, but this is the screwed up weed industry. It’s like everyone is high off weed.

here in the states as well. My last two orders were received between 2-3 weeks from ordering. No issues whatsoever from ILGM. I believe @stacy might be able to help

Average of 9 days from my 2 orders to ilgm stateside I know Australia has a way longer wait

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I would email customer support, after 30 days, and still not delivered, they’ll ship them again.


Has anything happened with your order?

Re- Australia.
How much longer? :flushed:

Yes. Seeds were shipped after several emails. They even threw in a few extra seeds :nerd_face:

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