Order Placed, Order Rcvd

I was a skeptic… and just knew my 200bucks was gonna end up flushed down the interwebs… But I ordered the Beginner Mix Pack assuming it’d never arrive. I was pleasantly surprised.

Placed order 3/18
Payment Rcvd. 3/24
Shipped w/tracking 3/26
Seeds Rcvd 3/30
Edit**** I’m Down South East Coast USA

Done deal… Everything arrived as advertised and I’m a very satisfied customer. No complaints. Thank you ILGM…


Hey there @ChadDad , welcome to the forum.
The first order always is that way. I cant count the number of people who log in here worried about their order. But now you know how real this company is. The genetics are top notch. The seeds are guaranteed to sprout. Lots of good info here to guide you thru germinating and growing.
I dont know your experience level, but whatever it is you can find ideas and knowledge here in the forum. There are a lot of skilled growers to help answer questions. Very friendly group and no egos.
Tell us your set up and plans…we love to follow along on the grow.
And mostly have fun.


Thank you for being polite and responding. The Welcome is appreciated. I just wanted to put up a Positive Post for the Potential Customers that may be skeptical and skimming the Feedback.

Today I’m picking up my Soil (FoxFarm) and in the next day I’ll start Germinating the Ak47 I purchased in a 5x5 with a Vander 3030. I do not plan on filling the tent. I’m a new grower and plan on using all the resources here and documenting the grow. I’ll update and get my Profile together in the next day.


Those beans look damn healthy too! Congratulations, you are off to the races.

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Welcome to the community! Happy to have you, and look forward to watching some of those grow! Happy growing! :seedling:

Have to agree. Best bank hands down. Customer service is unmatched. I think 5-7 days is the longest I’ve had to wait to receive the beans. 100% germination is real and they will send replacements just as fast. Glad you posted this bc there are some negative threads out there but I’m 95% those people are scamming this reliable business or they would kill a plastic fern. Good luck, welcome to the community, and keep us updated

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How did you pay for the purchase ? I’m trying to use Zell but its asking for a name so I wrote florida cards as it states in the email they sent me and its saying invalid on my zell I emailed but no response yet

I think it was ACH Payment option at checkout. It was like a transfer or wire. HotMom did the entering as if we were paying a bill. No hiccups…