Order Paid, but unfulfilled. No response from support

I placed an order 5 days ago. I paid for it and everything seemed fine. This is my 3rd order from ILGM, the previous two orders were excellent and prompt. I looked at my order 3 days ago after I had failed to receive an email telling me the order had shipped. The order shows paid, but unfulfilled and is shown as processing. I understand these things happen and am not in any hurry. I emailed support@iglm Monday around noon just to touch base. Never received a response. I emailed again yesterday more than 24 hours after my original email and still have not gotten a response. Any help regarding this situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great day

Update was given a USPS tracking number 2 days ago. The tracking shows a label was printed and shows “Acceptance Pending”. On the ILGM website it says mail carrier contacted to pick up order but that’s it. I have made 2 previous ILGM orders and everything went smoothly and promptly, and I got my package both times in 4 days. This 3rd order has been over a week and it says my package has even been shipped yet

2nd Update just got a email from support saying everything looked good on their (IGLM’s) end. On the ILGM website my order says “Carrier has received request from Shipper and is about to pick up the shipment”. This has been a very worrisome experience, and much more complicated than it should have been. So any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great day

3rd Update, I was told USPS hadn’t updated order and wait until next week to see if it has updated by then. So I will be patient and hope this is a minor oversight error on the part of USPS. Again I am not in any hurry I am just trying to make sure my order actually reaches me lol. Thanks again to Sara the support angel for helping me out with these problems with my order.

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USPS is having a lot of delays across the board due to covid.
Its not uncommon for the tracking number to show up a couple days or so before it actually hits the system. I ship stuff for a living. But since you have a tracking number now all will be fine.

Hi All
I have been waiting on order from another seed bank for over a month!
It is because of The plague (covid).
If I do not get in next four weeks then I will get worried.
Have to be patient Grasshopper,yes :flushed: