Order numbers and order

Is there a way to find out my order history? It is from a 2018 purchase.
I had some seeds from a prior year germ’ed them outdoors a storm blew by while I was away, basically trashed my seedlings, saved about a dozen, ended up with 9 healthy plants but they got all mixed up and trying to figure out what I have. They are in 2nd week of flower now and I can see three different strains at this point best I can tell.
Also my order number just in case I grow a monster bud. these surviving girls are looking fine. They each have a girls name my way of ID atm.
Thanks for this great community

Should be able to log in if you remember your log in details, I would email customer service for the best information.


You can login ILGM seed site and see all of your orders. Just did this myself to check on order number.


Thank You I found the right page and was able to log in and see my orders


Where did you find your previous orders? Not sure where to find them.

Welcome to ILGM. If you sign in on seed site, click on my account and scroll down you should see your orders listed in order by date of purchase.

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