Order issue with $ sending it in

Ive been going back and forth with the ilgm team and they did a great job thanks to all!

First i tried paying with my credit card and that didnt work, I then purchased a master-card because i read on the forum that this type of payment worked. So i tried it and it didnt work. I then tried to go over billpay.
that got me held up another week and a half. as they wanted information of ilgm which i didnt give to them and they canceled my payment …

I then contacted the ilgm team and they gave me more options and i decided to send money in the envelope and a card. I sent that on saturday to be honest it was the end of the day for the guy that was there… at 3:30 pm.
I sent the letter off and i havent heard anything yet.

How long does it usually take for this mail to get through , when should i start being worried?
this process is just sketchy for me as im doing it my first time…
I hope everything goes well and they get my money! Thats what im scared about…

anyone have any experience in this?
Im in middle-western part of usa


I am in Missouri and cash takes a few days.
I always order with cash. Never had a problem.
If you log into your seed shop account and call up your order you can see the status.
It will say pending…then it will change to paid after they receive the money.
I would not worry yet. Its really only been 2 business days for USPS. Not even that really

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For future reference, Bitcoin payments are painless and secure. You also receive a discount for bitcoin

I bought from them 3 times on my 3rd buy I sent a regular personal check to them and they received it in like 3 days I sent it to somewhere in Fla. 1st 2 times we’re paid thru bank transfer.

Thanks fellas for the response!
Did they change the credit card payment becuase everyone told me that this could be done but i guess it just depends on what kind of credit card u own.

Anyway i guess ill be hoping for that status to change to paid so i can expect my items.

I never really sent letters out so im just kinda sketched. Its my first time actually sending a letter out lol

My last two transactions was paid with cash and like you, the first time I worried. But, all that worrying was for nothing. ILGM site is by far the best place for you, at least it has been for me.:herb:

Does anyone know if it is an option to pay with ■■■■■■? I live in the midwest USA.

You said you purchased the MC. Prepaid cards don’t work on overseas transactions. My MC has always gone through but it’s an actual credit card

I have ordered using cash with ILGM a couple of time with no problems.

When I used a CC it was a hassle (with bank, not ILGM).

I will use cash for all future purchases from ILGM.

I tried CC route every way possible but nothing worked and delayed my order about 2 weeks.
Anyways I did the cash route i sent it on saturday and its thursday today im sketching out! hope the mail didnt get picked out by a random dude! :confused:
got my tent and light and everything to go just waiting on seeds :frowning:

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My ■■■■■■■■■■ gave me migraines trying my first ILGM order. If I hadn’t already built my tent I’d surely have given up, but the ILGM reputation and reviews made me stick it out. Eventually things worked out,
but then I killed my first dozen seedlings (rookie mistakes). Long story short: I’ve since ordered twice with cash payments without issue: 7 or 8 days from mailing to delivery in Massachusetts. The little bit of stealth (card, foil) goes a long way, as does using a glue stick to super seal the envelope. Ironic twist: I’ve always been told not to mail cash, and passed that advice along during my 35 year at, yep, the US
Post Office.


Yeah I used the foil and the card as well I’m just worried about money getting there without me knowing where it’s at !

Could be its arrived and just not inputted yet.
My first time I was paranoid beyond normal…
It will be fine.

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Man I really hope so! Thanks for comforting me lol

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I’ve ordered and paid by cash as well. No problems. Like you it all sounds a bit sketchy to send cash but there are growers who WANT the anonymity. ILGM is a good reputable seed bank so don’t sweat it.


Never had an issue now I use the payment option that starts with a z and ends in e… quicker than the cash option but both worked flawlessly and Claire even hooked me up and sent it before they received the payment since she could tell I was a bit nervous. Think it took a week - 10 days since I sent on a Friday

They apparently got my money . I’m hoping they send the seeds soon! I just needs a power supply for qb 4x 132
And I’ll be set !


You’ll get an email soon stating the seeds are on the way.

Its pretty fast
Only problem I had was a pack that got sidetracked in the mail once.
Others have arrived in 3 or 4 days.
Have to blame the the shipper there…

I placed an order last Friday (Nov 1st) and paid for it with bitcoin. I used bitcoin a year ago and back then they had a $100 limit at Coinbase on credit/debit cards but the transfer went through right away. This time the credit/debit card limit is $750 but payments will take 72 hours to go through for security reasons. Tonight my 72 hour wait is up and my payment went through and has been accepted but ILGM says they’re behind and it might take a week just to get my seeds shipped. I got lucky and bought Girl Scout Cookies Extreme auto’s when they were 10 + 10 free and $129 for 10. Thanks ILGM! Today they’re $149 for 10 seeds and $199 for 20. I also did the 10 + 10 on some White Widows. I can wait a week since they usually get to me in 3 days after being shipped.