Order issue 772279

order #772279 not sure if this went through. my credit card company said it did not but your site says pending. can you e-mail and let me know, ty.

The forum is separate from the seed site. You might have to call your bank to authorize the transaction

Ty, I sent ILGM support a e-mail about the issue.

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Sorry about your order, I know I get impatient waiting every time for them, even tho it really isn’t that long. I believe that pending is that the transaction hasn’t gone thru the third party that you had to set up to use a credit card with ILGM. Tomorrow you’ll hear from ILGM about it but in the meantime I hope this helps yer head. Once they get the go ahead from (I can’t think of the 3rd party’s name they use) the seeds won’t be far behind.

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