Order Complete but Not Completed

I recently ordered several types of seeds, this is my first purchase from ILGM. I was excited. I love looking at what I consider to be the best with ILGM. When the package arrived, I was excited because I waiting for my grow to start unfortunately my order was not complete. For some reason the multiple orders did not complete so I was to receive several Bye 10 get 10 free. So I was short 10 white widow, 10 gold leaf and 5 Pineapple. I am confident that the team will make this right but it sure is a bummer to have to wait for several more weeks. I am going to miss the window if not careful. So far I have been impressed with the company, i would like to talk on the phone from time to time so I can get to know the people I do business with. Have a great day.

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Have you emailed them to let them know about your order?

Hey Bob thanks for the response. I have emailed the office and as I put in the response I will probably get everything taken care of. This seems to be a very upstanding organization that I want to be a part of. I joined The lifetime growing team as part of my commitment, I’m sure they’ll meet up to their’s. I’ll make a comment as soon as I find out how the office is going to handle this. Happy Easter

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e-mail Roy@ilovegrowingmarijuana,com

Tell him garrigan62 sent ya. and he’ll take care of it


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FTYI - I received my second shipment yesterday which made my order complete. Apparently, My order was shipped in two separate packages. So this was a false alarm but happy with the response.