Order cancelled very upset


So I have 24hrs to grab a prepay card for my order I placed before it gets cancelled again :triumph: I will hopefully come back with good news


Used my debit card and had no problems…except order delayed by Thanksgiving.


All the same guarantees apply to cash , germination mailing all of it just like always and still get those ilgm genetics


Yeah this bank I have sucks @Capt_Seeweed


thank you @Oldstoner :+1: I do feel somewhat better now. Looking forward to this.


If I remember they only except certain cards as well…starting with certain letters.


So far I have 4 different strains and waiting for a 5th to arrive any day now and have had no problems at all . Except maybe the mailman wondering why I was waiting at the box till they came lol . But I would have complete confidence in sending my $$ to them . Good luck on your grow bud


As far as prepaid cards go? Like a visa or master card? @Capt_Seeweed


I like them both…had Visa a lot longer though…


i just made my first purchase this dec.i am leary about buying anything online,but to get quality seeds here in the bible belt its the only way unless you are in the know with someone here in us.to send you some.i bought auto fem mix pack from ilgm and the wait was on.the package came just when they said but when i opened they had put ak 47 seeds instead of a particular seed strain i ordered.i set them a email to let them know what was up-they wanted pic of shipment.later that day i got an email saying sorry for mix-up and they shipped me the seeds i wanted. ilgm won me over here and i will continue doing business with them.they are a great company who has went above and beyond to make me the customer happy,and happy i am! almost ready to flower, already!


Wow so you made out with free ak seeds👍That’s cool now you have autos and regular fems


all autos,except my step kids i have going from bag seed…lol who knows with them…


I hear ya there. Hopefully their good little girls once flowering


Hey guy’s I have a capital one visa and have several countries I have ordered seeds from. When I order over seas I will get a e-male asking if I am making this purchase. I hit yes, and boom they clear it for take off. Places that I have been to regularly, they don’t even ask anymore. One time I was placing and order in England, and a week later somebody was using my cc # in France at some hardware store. Lucky the cc people caught It, alerted me and shut it down. I would not have been liable as I had fraud protection. When you think about getting a cc for this purpose make sure it has fraud protection. Later, Mike. P.S. I also belong to a credit union and never use that visa, because they ask to many questions! I tried to use it once and I believe it would have been easier to pull the queens drawers down! m


I always use Bitcoin. It’s anonymous and you get a 10% discount on your order. They came in the mail around 7 days after my online order.


Just wondering which banks do Bitcoin I’m in oz so if you could point me in the right direction would be great I have just tried yesterday to order some seeds using credit card but I have not received email about confirming order cheers😎


ILGM accepts bitcoin. And may have a discount for using it if I remember correctly.


Not sure where Oz is, but hopefully you don’t have flying monkeys there. As for Bitcoin, try these.
Where to open a bitcoin wallet and buy bitcoins? Try one of these places:

These are recommended. I use coinify. I linked my bank account. There are some places that take debit card also.
As for my wallet, I use CoPay. They have apps for iOS and android. Bitcoin has went way up in the last year so don’t let the price for one Bitcoin freak you out. You can buy as much as you want to spend.

I actually just did another order yesterday and got my “they have shipped email” this morning.
If you need any pointers on Bitcoin just ask. I’ve been using it for a few years now. Never had any problems yet.

Naked Mason


Cheers for that I am in Australia aka oz for short and there are plenty of monkeys flying around here lol any way thanks again if I have any drama’s I will get in contact thanks again peace out.


I figured that. … Down under… I just wanted to mention flying monkeys because they are cool. Also you can use Bitcoin at a lot of other places also, but feel free to spend it all at ILGM seeing they are the best from seeds to customer service.