Order cancelled very upset

So I placed an order for my seeds. 12/13, I confirmed my email for my order. Then I got an email the next day that it was declined by my bank on 12/14. I use a small local credit union and not a major bank company. What should I do?

You have to call bank, credit union and tell them to alow international transaction


I also believed it was declined because I did not have the correct funds, due to all my other bills coming in/out. im gunna try to buy again right now

Mine got declined at first as well. I called my bank and they had no record of it. I emailed ILGM back, they apologized for a system issue they had that day and sent out my seeds right away.

So, unless you know it’s lack of funds, you should call the bank to allow an international transaction. Takes 5 mins and might save you another decline. Wasn’t the case for me but I still called.

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Ok so I ordered placed for 5 gold leaf 50% off Christmas deal! and 3 amnesia Haze auto fem.

Plus registered shipping. For 99$

I will call me Bank on Monday and then confirm my email to ship order.

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Sweet!!! I see more grow logs coming soon! :slight_smile:


I hope so. I have nothing on my bank statement and I have confirmed the first order that was “declined” so hats why I’m confused. It said my order was complete it just never got withdrawn from my bank…

Not uncommon for banks to decline international charges.

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If you try to many times they might freeze your card for suspicious activity. They may think it is someone that hacked your card


Ok so called them this morning, they don’t do business with Amsterdam. Idk why. But I don’t wanna call again and ask for access to the U.K. For royal queen seeds

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Why don’t you try getting a prepaid card :credit_card:?
Never tried myself but it might get you around your credit union rules


Oh yeah that is more like it! I never thought of that
Good thinking thanks! :v::+1:

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They also have a option to order and pay cash by mail with money order . When they get the money they ship seeds it takes a extra week for the payment to get there but is a option

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Thanks for the good advice. extra time is fine, I can still get guaranteed shipping right?

I would especially want it with cash sent by mail lol

I always sent cash and have never had a problem…


Where you from though chip? I’m in northeast USA…

I did credit once, cash every time since, 4-5 times, no problems at all…make sure what you send doesn’t look like a wad of bills, I think there are directions in their emails.


No sir, professionalism at its best :+1::v:

No one has a clue what I’m buying.

I can stamp my own mail and drop it down a blue box

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Right in the middle of USA

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