Order # 2750594

I ordered zkittles yesterday and they went on sale that day I want the deal 10+10 or cancel my order

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No one here in the forum can help you. It is separate from the seed shop.

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How can I get a hold of the seed shop

Click on the “contact ILGM” link above. Keep in mind that the seed shop is in Amsterdam and you won’t get a response until tomorrow at the soonest.


Talk about coming out of the gate swinging…


Bro I laughed so hard :rofl::rofl::rofl:


The mods should really add a massive banner “We are not in control of the seed shop, please click here to contact them”.

This is at least the 6th thread I have seen like this and I haven’t been here very long.

I couldn’t help myself :rofl:

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Hey thanks I had followed the steps and they had my back and Sarah the Angel had already done it


He’s left handed and has a weak right. He’d get knocked over quick…hahahaha

Yeah, ILGM seed shop is the best and safest bet. They took care of me. Watch for an email tomorrow…


Robert B sent me a message


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That was fast. They will look out for you. They go the extra mile to make sure your satisfied buddy. Your in good hands.


Welcome aboard @Rlw5017 and yeah, ilgm is pretty cool for their customer care. I’m glad they got ya covered, and we hope to see your grow up here soon! Good luck and, again, welcome to the forum. :+1:t3: :woman_farmer:t3:

Lmao :rofl: … I cackled

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:point_up_2: that she is :love_you_gesture: