Orange spots ? Wats wrong wit her

Hi guys im back again this time i got orange on my leaves and juat wanna kno wat it is … I have a gg4 … Indoor grow … Humidity 55 and 60 … Temp 77 to 80 … 600 w led plus a 300 watt grow bulb. In super soil … In a 30 gal fabric pot … Water fed at 6.5 … Last feed gave her calmag … 3 days ago … In a 24 by 24 by 48 tent … With one fan inside blowin at her 24 /7

Looks like a mag deficiency to me. How much calmag did u supplement. And was that the first time? Also the damaged leaves wont get better but should stop spreading

I did 1 tbs in 1 gal of water at 6.5 in ph … And second time i feed her calmag … I got some other stuff too i never used before im not sure if itll help her im send a pic

The soul grow has a 4-1-2 npk i believe. More of a veg nute type of supplement.

The seabird guano tea id use transitioning, early, n/or midflower.

The terp tea looks like a good endgame thing. Loaded with P (no K tho sadly) n good bit of cal.

Uve only supplementd twice? How old is she? Maybe just a taste more.

Is that the only leaf affected? Is it near the bottom? And do u have photo of whole plant?

Yea twice only i dont kno when to use it jaja and its only on one left … Near the top like the middle top … And she still got alil mold on lower leaves ima treat her tonight wit the prox water mix … Thats worked well and i left for work so i dont have pics of whole plant but ill get u a pic by tomorrow … Shes about 4 1/2 to 5 months old … Just put her in flowering 4 days ago

If its just one, then no worries. But if it begins to spread, id ht her with another calmag dose (bit bigger)

But def add it to ur watering days anyway. What kinda medium u in? Coco can be a calmag hog

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Super soil i bought a cannacup in feb

I think she will be just fine. Watch for it spreading tho

It was pointed out to me that many of the high tch strains are hungrier than the lower strains. My b banner & gorilla love the calmag and are pigs with nutes.

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I gave her a bigger dose of the calmeg amd the whole plant looks great she standin tall but i turn her around and boom its like wet looking but leaf is shriveled up like its rotted

Bigger dose this the only affected area that look like wet leaf rot or something … Any idea wat it could be

That looks like wonky ph. It makes the leaves grow weird sometimes. Do u have a current runoff pH? Always monitor that. Also could you have gotten it wet?