Orange spots, Suspect not chemical free bottled water

Just started the third week of flowers The strain is blue ninja, grow outside, until weather got below 60. Then transported to 4 x 4 x 80“ grow room. Thousand watt light I started to thinking that there was so much crap in our tapwater, that I would water her with bottled water. Then a couple weeks later I noticed that the bottled water has all kinds of chemicals in it, possibly causing the bright orange spots in the picture. Tell me what you think of my girl, and how I can get rid of these orange spots

Your photos are not that good. I can see one spot. I had orange spots form from splashing my nutrient water at the base of the plant.

Secondly…I actually got a water filter for my tap. Once that removes chlorine. Damn good investment. Like $35 or so.

For a better picture get like a hiker headlamp. Turn off the grow lights and turn on the headlamp and take a photo that way. I picked my Ozark Trails one at Walmart and it’s 200 Lumens. It’s dimmable.

If you let tap water sit out for 24 hours the chlorine will dissipate. Or if you get some water conditioner for fish tanks it will help with the chlorine and the chloramine.

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The spots may be a calcium deficiency as well. Tap water has enough calcium but bottled water doesnt have any. You may need to add calcium into your feeds if you continue to use purified water

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Thanks very much, the water that I was watering with for a few weeks, I had some kind of chlorine in it. So I’m back to the tapwater. The tapwater were just fine for 12 weeks.

I would like to see some pictures of your plant in natural light too if you have the time.

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The orange spots are not everywhere but there’s about two dozen of them scattered throughout the plant

Was your plant wet during lights on? Wetting plant or accidentally spilling nutrient solution on them will look like that.

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No it was not wet, and I did not spill any nutrients on it. The water I was using Has magnesium sulfate potassium bicarbonate and potassium chloride. Also I don’t think this is it but just a few weeks ago I started using Scott’s super bloom once a week

But otherwise how does she look for the start of the third week in bloom?

Are you testing pH and ppm?
If so, what’s going in, and what’s coming out?

No I’m not this is my first grow. I don’t even know what ppm is

Just because I’m curious, why would you be watering plants with potassium bicarbonate and potassium chloride? Magnesium sulfate is good for plants in moderation. The other two I’m not sure have any plant uses, and could even be potentially toxic to your plants.

Good explanation on ph and ppm here.


I didn’t notice the water had that crap in it till after I watered it for a couple of weeks

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Gotcha. I’m not sure if either is causing your issues, but if you’ve gotten away from that I would say you’re heading in the right direction. I would get on with being able to check your ph and tds, and possibly look at getting more complete nutrient package. There are several low cost options that should fit your needs. In the meantime watch for those spots to be spreading or other issues.

Thanks for your advice I’ll look into that. I still have a lot more growing to do. White widow seeds. I hear they’re easy to grow

I’m sorry bout I need a better pic than that to say, So if you can just one more time get a good close up of them ok.
Cause it could be something else of


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All the ilgm widows are super easy grows. Even I can’t kill them. :rofl::joy::rofl:

Still, a way to monitor pH is essential. Tds/ppm is also helpful.

Have been clipping the leaves off with the orange spots on them. Could it possibly be the Scott’s super bloom? I am using it as directed but I have them in miracle grow, which also has chemicals in it so maybe it’s overdosing on something

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Ugh, miracle grow.

Be glad you don’t have more issues.

Every time you water, in miracle grow, it releases nutrients. These are not cannabis balanced nutrients. Adding other fertilizers compounds the issue.
Flushing will not clear the excess, it just releases more.

I’d stay away from it in future grows.

Dot feel too bad. I used miracle grow for my first grow. God, that weed tasted HORRIBLE!!!