Orange spots on leaves!

So I noticed these orange spots forming about a week ago, had gorilla glue in veg for month now. I’m leaning towards calmag problem but almost looks like rust mold, but nothing rubs off and think I have good air circulation(8 in can fan for intake and another for my exhaust , temp stays at 74 and humidity round 50% with oscillating fan too. I’m using Athena nutrient , I keep ph between 5.5 and 6 and my ec at 2.4, desperate to find out what this is. Also been treating plants everyday with lost coast, can’t find any pests under 40 times microscope, any help figuring this out would be greatly appreciated ! Also included pic of entire garden in case that indicates further but problemimage|375x500

Looks to be a calcium deficiency. What medium are you growing in ?

To avoid future complications and potential for continued Cal lock out, look at the photo
posted below. Your pH level is too low and preventing Calcium from being absorbed by your
plants. You want the soil pH to be between 6.0 - 7.0pH and all feedings to be between 6.3-6.8pH
I sincerely believe you have Calcium in your soil but the pH is too low for your plant to absorb it.

If you’re NOT growing in soil, ignore my post and call me an idiot.

Call me the idiot for not mentioning it’s in coco! But I think your right with calmag being culprit, I just checked my room again and seeing clearer signs of cal mag deficiency , also transplanted from 1 gl to 3 gl 5 days ago so maybe made deficiency worse?