Orange spots on couple leaves

Anyone no what and why this is

Calmag ftw! Lol but seriously are u pH’n properly? If so adding some calmag to alternating waterings would fix that right up.

Specifically. Magnesium. Epsom salt if you have it lying around will do the trick.

6.3-6.5 pH. Medium is ffof

So you havent had to add anything. Can I see the entire plant? And have u just begun flowering?

Supplementing some Magnesium in properly pH’d solution would fix it.

Those spots start out bright yellow. And become boxes in the veins. Then the bright yellow becomes orange and crispy. Mag deficiency. I keep saying pH cuz as u know… its a B…

Sure hang on and I will get one how much epson

Just go with a spoon in a gallon. If that dont fix it, up to two nexttime.

Its not like 2 spoons from the start will hurt. And the added sulphur (i think) is GREAT for terps.

No not flowering yet they 4 weeks old white widow autos

She looks great. Yup id add a good dose of the epsom (in proper range).

Outdoors in pots?

No in a tent

What do u consider proper range

In soil. So pH between 6.4 and 6.8.

Ya that where I run