Orange hairs n no trichomes

Hairs are already turning orange and I don’t see any crystals at all yet on leaves. Think around week 3 of flower. It’s an auto flower. Sweet pure CBD. Is there something wrong or i should be doing? Idk, but I thought once hairs are all turning orange it’s close/time to harvest?

I made that same mistake. No, it doesn’t means it is done. You have a long ways to go still. Jeweler loupe is a must have item.

This raises red flags to me.


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Give it another week: that’s when I usually start to see frost forming. N levels are right at the edge of toxicity FYI. That will contribute to small flower.


Also check for any male flowers on any of the others. Pistols will turn brown shortly after pollination. At 3 weeks with brown pistols that’s what I would be looking for.

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Those first "orange"hairs will get buried within those buds as they swell. Those are barely in full flower yet. Lots of growing to do yet.


Oh thank you. I didn’t realize some would be orange at all. Thought they stayed white till near when it’s fully flowering or near harvest

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How can you tell N is right on Edgar of toxicity? Bummer it is though. Barely gave it any Grow fertilizer b4 it started flowering

That was my first bad mistake. Pulled it because it had lots of orange hairs. The buds were like swiss cheese, all hollow and airy. Later a friend told me they will throw fresh white hairs in 3 waves and get fuller each time.


Can tell by the leaves. Could just as easily be lack of nutrients though. They don’t look that different. Hence why we have tickets.

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Also N isn’t included in flowering boosters for a reason. Your medium may have already more than enough nitrogen. My booster is 0-37-37 iirc. Although it’s usually an even number, but has to break down somewhere to not be 0-2-2.

I’ve used cal mag with my bloom booster. Some of my plants were showing cal deficiency which is why I added it. But there is N in cal mag and you need it during flowering usually. How do you get around extra N in cal mag if u need to use it? I didn’t think the N in cal mag would be a big deal

I use the flowering nutrients with the booster as directed. It contains nitrogen, the booster does not.