Orange discoloration on leaves?

Is this light burn or boron deficiency. The veins are still green .

It’s impossible to diagnose under the grow lights. Clip a leave and take it out into natural light. Be sure to use a magnifying glass too. Red spider mites can look like that and spread like a wild fire if not treated early.
Final option is to take a portion of the leaf to a organic or hydroponic grow shop and ask their advice. I’m amazed at the dealers depth of knowledge on Cannabis issues and can only assume that they have been dealing with these things for years.

Turns out when I take it out of the grow lights its brownish orange.

Thats not a option in nc

SC to! Mike

Nobody have a idea what this is. Im thinking maybe its foliage spray?

It can be Boron , are you giving any cal-mag during feeding at least 2.5 ml . What soil medium are you using ?and what nutrient line ?

Im using fox farm ocean forest soil.And nutrients im using fox farm trio big bloom,grow bid and tiger bloom. Thats it and i use a lil seaweed extract.

That sea weed extract is very strong , it only take a drop or two , but you will have to flush your plants with Ph water at 6.0-6.3 and twice the pot size , if you have a 3 gallon , you need to flush with 6 gallons of Ph water to get the nutrient salts out of the soil , than right after the pot finish draining or a few hours later , give them a feeding of nutrients at half the strength you feed last and you shouldn’t be using Tiger Bloom yet if you in veg phase . But you will need some cal- mag or for a substitute you can used molasses 1 ml each feeding only until you get cal-mag , so you can get the right amount of iron and calcium in your soil , but if you following the nutrient chart for fox farm , reduce 1 teaspoon from what chart says , if it say 6 big bloom & 3 grow big , do only 4 big bloom and 1 1/2 grow big , and make sure your Ph is about 6.0-63 , no higher than 6.5 for fox farm , hope this makes sense and help you turn it around , give it a week or two to see if the problem has been corrected and if that process fix the issues , remove the damage leaves so the plant don’t continue to feed the damage foliage , happy growing .

I think that may be my problem Ive been using a decent amount per gallon. Plus I did foliage spray it with the mixture. Im going go flush them now.

Brandi and farm the best thing you can do when growing is be patient . If you try to rush it , it only creates headaches , cause I been going through some of the most un-imaginable rookie mistakes . After my few successful grows than taking a break cause of having quite a bit on hand , it’s like I forgot all the beginning steps . It sucks killing good genectic seed strains that you yield 4.5 ounce or more from from rookie mistakes .

This morning the leaves that had the damage seems more alive. Im thinking it was a nutrient lockout. This leaves that have that damage they will just die off or should i cut the ones that look really bad? So cal mag I have some bought and on the way do i need to use it every watering and the fox farms should be every other watering right? Thank you for your help. This is my first grow btw I tried to be as researched as possible before i started.

Water ,water , feed , and about the Calmag you can used it each feeding at 2.5 ml to a gallon , but not every watering .