Orange 🍊 Bud any growers out there


Anyone here grown Orange :tangerine: Bud? I was thinking about a winter grow of this strain, I read it’s good for pain amongst other maladies .



Welcome to ILGM
That’s interesting. I haven’t heard of that strain



It’s in the seed bank for sale


In this seed bank…sorry I haven’t been to your seed bank for a while


No worries, since you work at the lab :microscope: any way to hook me up with a grower?


You are amongst growers… we all can see this post it’s a open forum. If you have any questions for us just ask and someone will answer. And sorry I haven’t grown that strain.


@Zepman55 orange bud has been on my list since it was added. If you do get it, be sure to tag me in your grow journal. Predominantly indica, but smells of orange citrus, it’s got to be good. Happy growing. And welcome to ILGM.