Options (non-smoking) for Harvest to Enjoy Yield?

I have always smoked the yield, however, I have asthma so looking for alternative options to make use of this year’s yield.

Candidly, I am not sure where to start. Thinking maybe some kind of edible but a little overwhelmed by the options.

What are easy-to-make and effective options for alternatives to smoking?

Not medical advice

Edibles are the best option.

A second alternative would be transition to carts rather than smoking flower if you have lung problems. I have COPD and switched to carts. It makes a difference.

You might find this thread helpful:


Sorry to hear about your COPD - and thank you kindly for the link!

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I made some cannabutter with trim a few grows ago. I used the butter to make brownies and dang!!! They were fire!! Just look up on youtube how to make cannabutter, you’ll need some supplies, but nothing crazy.

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Try doing tinctures… You can get a lot of it for less product than edibles. They work faster than edibles too.