Optimum tds value on runoff

What is the optimum tds value during veg and bloom stages for indoor soil grow?

I think that’s going to be a running target from week to week and grow to grow. It’s a good idea to take data and look at trends to make decisions on when to make changes to your nutrient schedule or to flush or whatnot.

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@hippy4life see thats the whole thing with the TDS. It really depends on the enrichments in your soil. You need to look at what the nutrients call for on their feeding chart and use that in coordination with the runoff you are getting from your soil.

For example

You are on week 4 of the FF Feeding schedule and the TDS calls for 1750-2100

If you give plain pH water today and the TDS runoff is say 2200 ppm you would not want to give any nutrients until the runoff number is less than the recommended TDS value established by your nutrients.

If you give plain pH water today and the TDS runoff is say 1100 ppm you would want to give a feeding at the next time of TDS of approx 800 ppm

The important thing to do is check the TDS of your nutrient mix and then the runoff as needed during your grow.


i am using dyna grow and there is no chart like that provided, guess I will attempt to make one

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I’m going to be using that on my next grow. What soil are you using @hippy4life? I’m going to be using gf happy frog since I have better part bag left over. Found one on theirweb site