Optimal sun exposure?

I have been reading here and there that it is recommended to not have full day exposure to the sun in an outdoor grow, but rather to have morning light to evaporate any moisture up until mid day where shade is preferred. Is this the consensus?

I have been placing my pots where I can get full sun from 9am to about 6:30. I have also been dealing with issues from the start and believe that the plants are somewhat stunted for their age (just over 7 weeks). There are several reasons why that may have happened, and, of course, I might just be overthinking it.

But if not, one factor could be that im overdoing it with exposure to full sun. I am in PNW and we are having an unusually hot couple/few weeks that started right around the time i transplanted to 5gal pots.

here are some shots of them at 7 weeks. ive included two shots of some leaf weirdness and damage - i have another thread about that when it started. I have been slowly addressing what I believe to be a pH issue, but I am wondering if there is some light damage. not all plants are affected. some worse than others. and one lil runty. and even a few starting to show some preflowers. (nevermind the hitchhiker in that photo - hes gone now :wink: )

Looks like you have a pest problem. Also, people have been growing great weed for years just planting straight into the ground. Can’t move those ones and they do fine

You got bugs it seems

Edit: never mind. Just read the side note at the bottom

But the rest of the plants suggest bugs as well

I’m definitely not sure what the problem is, but aside from the odd aphid or two I observe no pests and the undersides look untouched. I do check often. I guess there are likely pests you can’t see that could cause that sort of leaf damage? Still half of them don’t exhibit the symptoms you are seeing in those pics.

Any ideas on specific pests to check or treat for as well as targeted treatments?

I will add that some of that leaf damage was intrigued by yours truly thru rough handling and some of the discoloration is remnants of a heavy Epsom foliar that I’ve since rinsed off. Still more are droplet solar burns. I haven’t been treating them with kid gloves

I can only zoom in so far but I see a lot of white specs on a lot of the plants that could have come from thrip or spider mite damage. They’re real small so they don’t chew pieces off the leaves like a grasshopper or caterpillar would. They just leave white specs on the leaves. This is spider mite damage.

They are real small and could require magnification to see them. They’ll be on the underside of your leaves.

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Think I know what you are referring to.

I foliar fed with Epsom and a calcium phosphate. It left residue. Here is from one of my otherwise healthy plants:

Then one of the worst affected plants is a prime example of the intervenal scarring that implies some sort of trauma to cell walls, causing all that wrinkling. Topside and under:

I have a loupe I use for trichomes and haven’t seen any bugs, though it is only 60x I believe

Am having another look over with my 100x and don’t see any creepy crawlies. Is the sufficient magnification?

60x is more than enough to see them. Are you folier spraying when the sun is up? If so, I’d wait until sundown before doing so. The water droplets can magnify the sun and burn them. Don’t see really any light burns. The early on ph issue may have caused that damage and that damage won’t recover from affected leaves. If the new growth is good, you should be in the clear.

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I will continue to look with the loupe on newer growth under the assumption that the affected plants new shoots would be a prime feeding zone. But even at 100x I don’t see anything but hairs on the leaves, nothing moving. And I’ve only spied a few aphids so far, and I’ve been pretty vigilant. I am feeling as though new growth is clearing but I still see some of the signs here and there. That said, I’ve only recently gotten a decent grasp of the pH situation.

I wish it were bugs. I really do. I’ll keep looking in hopes :slight_smile:

I’d be more happy to have ph issues than bugs. Fixing the ph is an easy fix.

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Oh… To answer your question @Bobbydigital, I’m spraying in the shade and allowing to dry. The various solar burns are accidental droplets from watering or feeding.

Do they seem small for 7 weeks?

And I’ve put them where they can have some shade late in the day, in case they are getting too much sun… To circle back to my original question

7 weeks from seed? Not too bad. Ph issues likely stunted some growth. Getting full sun all day shouldn’t be a problem unless temps are unreasonable. I have a buddy that grows outdoors in Michigan and they get full exposure all summer. Moving them to shade to give them a break won’t hurt either. @MattyBear is in the PNW area and has grown outdoors. Maybe he can shine some light on it. No pun inteded.

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Yeah, from seed. Popped up around 3/21. Definitely had issues up front but they seem to be coming out pretty strong now.

Temps are okay but for right now we’re in a heat spell with temps hitting 90 this week. So I’ve put them into a spot to catch a break mid day.

Thanks for chiming in as usual

The absolutely love full sun exposure. As long as they have plenty to drink. I have a hose that runs off my ac into a runoff ditch planted my babies in full sun and poked little holes in the hose to constantly water them. They were not in pots. So the roots kept growing and the plants kept drink 3 indicas and one sativa. After 3 months the indicas were 4 ft tall and my sativa was six looking healthier than ever. It’s hot as hell down here in FL but just like you as long as your hydrated in the sun you won’t have any problems


Full sun should be fine if they’ve been outside for a few days with partial shade to acclimate. I’ve never had an issue growing in full sun but you’re gonna have to water more frequently when it’s hot and dry


We grow outdoor.

The biggest single thing I can say from your pictures, organic or synthetic, is add a quality mulch top layer and paint your pots white.


@MattyBear, I acclimated them over the course of about a week, from shade to partial to full - they seem to be handling it okay. Thanks, I think I am goign to try this new spot in the yard that lets them get a few hours of dapple shade from around 3pm.

@AAA, that is really great advice.
I wondered, over the past week, how plants thrive with black pots, given how hot its been… its just absorbing heat right to the rootball. I think i searched “hot roots”, “root temps” and several other variants on this forum to try and get an idea of what the ideal temp is.

as to your first point, the mulch top layer is becoming more obviously necessary because I added a healthy amount of perlite, about 50% more, making the soil very airy. It has also made waterings about 50% more frequent.

thanks for the advice!

We added wheat straw. I’m watering 50% less.

Start a grow journal, tag me in. Let’s see this grow go!

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What do your runoff numbers look like? Couple of other growers had similar symptoms with wrinkled leaves and their pH’s were out of whack. Could be lockout.

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