Optimal Number of Plants

I ordered the 10/10 White Widow auto pack and hope you can advise me on the best number of plants for optimal yield. Grow area specs: 91" or 2.3m long. 28"or 71cm wide. 5’ or 1.5m high. Plants including pots can be up to 5’ or 1.5m without topping/training. I can fit a maximum 33, 2 gallon cloth pots with about 1" or 2.54 cm free space around each one. Lights are Platinum 600 led and Platinum 300 led on a mover. I don’t need to grow all 20 at once, but if my area would efficiently support all 20, that would be fine, too. All will be hand watered. Also have 3 gallon cloth pots @ 22 pots per the grow area. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Have you ever grown before? @Garyak Welcome to the ILGM Forums!

Yes, bob31, many grows…but I have never seen this strain in the flesh and just hoped someone familiar with this particular incarnation of WW might help me get dialed in. Most of my grows have been very squat indicas where space/height has not been an issue. May not be an issue here, either, but that’s why I ask. G.

@Garyak I just wanted to be sure you knew what you were getting into! Very good. That tent is short and you need to be concerned with the height.

There are lots of folks growing the white widow autos, though I ever have. Things to consider is leaving enough space for air circulation around the pots so that the moisture doesn’t create mold.


Upper right corner of the page is a magnifying glass click on that for the site search. They re are quite a few journals. I’m gonna take a quick peek and tag over anyone that I see is an active member.


Well geez…I guess I had the description of WW auto confused with something else ?? At any rate, I see now that I should expect 20-24" plants and so, no worries per my grow area.

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3 gallon pots are about 18 inches tall? 2 foot plants 3.5 feet, What are you using for light? @Garyak

a 300 watt LED needs 24 inches above the canopy that is 5.5 feet right there. Or figure out how to keep them low!

@AmnesiaHaze @Onlythebest79 @Sixpackdad

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Maybe I’m not so sure, after all, bob31…lol. My 2 and 3 gallon pots from “root pouch” are 8" tall…3 gallon version is just wider to accept the additional gallon. Even if the pots were 18" tall and assuming a 24" WW ( if the description in the seed bank is ,in fact, correct), that’s 42" or 18" less than my max vertical space of 60". When I say 60" max, that is with a 24" buffer between lights and the canopy so I’m seeing adequate wiggle room.

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image I’m a computer dunce so I’m not sure if you can see the pic of my bare bones grow area.


sounds good @Garyak just throwing it out there so you don’t run into trouble down the road.

I tagged a few growers who I know for sure have grown the WWA’s so they will offer there ,02 at some point. Friday nights are a little slow here! lol

Nice looking space!

Thanks for the help bob…I’ll stay tuned. G.

Simple spaces usually offer simple solutions when you run into an issue. The shorter pots will be a good tool to help combat height restraints.

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I would say and from the looks of things and experimenting lst and now that I’m trying mainlining these to techniques will work great to contain the height and then when you get closer to flipping to 12/12 then bring in the SCROG and that will help with height. Just my opinion. Also I have 2 gallon and 3 gallon pots and if you consider it bigger pots make bigger plants. So if height concerns are an issue then smaller pots would be your answer.

My pots are 12” high and 3 gallon

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Thanks @Onlythebest79 I was guestimating so looks like I over did it a little. How tall are the 5 gallon pots, just curious

I don’t have 5 gallon pots

And I think no one is answered to your question @Garyak
I squeeze 2 plants in a 2x2(60x60x150cm) one auto and one photo period plant. So I will say 5-6 in a row and you will have plenty of space to work around them(if you train them) OR 7-8 and you need to move them every time when you water/feed /work.
Whit a properly training you can do 6 easily.


That’s the intel I was looking for, M4ur. Thank you, and all who responded to my question. G.

A photo and a auto in 60cmx60cm would be cramped I would have thought. Do you think you get reduced yields running them both @M4ur ? I’m just asking because I’m about to convert a fridge with dimensions similar in 50cm X 70cm X 150cm. I was looking at 1 photo at a time or a couple of auto’s depending on what I had going on outside.

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It was very crowded in there @Powaforce. Whit a properly training you can do 2 autos (my photo period plant was a clone, not very big). I recommend starting a journal and you will get a good help for your project :+1:20170827_08103720170902_215439


Is that your 60x60x150 space there? I will do a journal when I nut things out. Fridge only just died so I’m not too far into it just yet. I’ve already got some outdoor cranked, and the Mrs says 4 is more then plenty. They’ve got a journal ,(first season starting late, outdoor south Australia) your pics look familiar I might be following that journal already but can you tag me in there please.


My 5 gallon cloth pots are about 27 cm x 27 cm and 25 cm tall.