Optimal LED for 4x4x7, 2 plant SCROG


I recieve the 3 kits this coming Tuesday. It’ll take me the better part of a week to put it all together. It’s just good to know that i have the 3 circuits to work with.


Thanks, Happy!
It’s a pretty big bathtub and in the back room away from everyone, which is why I was thinking it would be okay. I’m sure I can get the trays big enough for the 7gal earth bags, I’m more concerned about the water drainage.
It just seemed like putting them in the bathtub would have eliminated the trouble and work you speak of, and keep the smells contained in a totally different area, too.

Thanks again


Here’s a site that breaks down alot of info on the use of LED’s. The one thing I come away with from all this info? You gotta keep researching, because you can’t rely solely on what the merchant is offering, and after numerous phone calls to different stores, it’s clear that alot of what I’ve been told by salespeople is based on repeating what they’ve been told or read in a manual.


I agree that a salesman rarely have your best interest in mind. Maybe if you’ve established a good relationship with a local retailer, but a lot of online descriptions are useless. Most of the top lighting manufacturers have their lights tested by third party facilities, this is the data you should look for.

In my opinion, that article doesn’t do much to help you select a viable grow light either.


I was kind of pressed for time yesterday sorry.

Your lights will run on 120v. Where you’re possibly going to have an issue is with them starting. Much like an electric motor, the drivers draw a large amount of current momentarily on start up. Meanwell lists an amount of drivers for each size on the data sheet.

What I was suggesting may work is starting 2 drivers from 1 timer, and then a couple minutes later starting the third driver from a separate timer. If you have 2 circuits, place 2 drivers on one and the third driver on the other circuit. Should be easy enough.


Hello @dbrn32,

I got a reply back from Timber Grow Lights: “Our kits will run at either 120/230/240V – the power supply will auto adjust accordingly. We include a standard 3 prong 110VAC power cord for use with all of our products.”

So, that’s good news. I won’t have to deal with running a 240V circuit to the grow room. :slight_smile:


I agree @HappyCamper. But according to meanwell your 120v circuit won’t support all 3 drivers.


This is the info I was referencing.


@dbrn32 - That info is quite a bit over my head. I’m glad you gave me the info in English first :-).

I received my 3 3-COB kits last night. As promised, here’s are a few photos. I’ll add more as I actually put together the kits.

The unboxing with the instructions and a few Timber Glow Lights stickers:

The whole box full of goodies… The wrapping/padding was removed.

The COB with heatsink:

The COB again, you can see the hole where the wires will be feed through:

The driver. Sorry it’s a little blurry:


Heck yeah buuuuuddy, do tha dang thang!


The driver photo wouldn’t load for some reason? Is there a limit on the number of images that can be displayed in a single posting?

Here it is:

Ta da…


Still not loading, but I know that series of drivers well.

So what I circled was the data sheet for that specific driver. As you seen, it’s usually not includes with the driver. Vlbut they are easily accessible online. You don’t really need how to read most of it, but there are a few details that could make or break you. I circle in blue the part that says it will run 2 drivers per circuit, 3 drivers if it’s a 230v 30a.

You were hung up on being able to plug them into 120v, which is not what I was trying to say at all. I was trying to tell you that meanwell doesn’t support running 3 of those drivers on a single 120v circuit.

It sounded like you had 2 different circuits, so you’ll probably need to use both. I’ve never tried more than 2 drivers that large on 120v, so it may even work. I was just trying to point out what the manufacturer specifications are.


@dbrn32 - Thanks for the information. I’ll plan on using the 2 different circuits. I’d rather spread the electrical load than be triping breakers…


@dbrn32 - I was thinking of adding these Inline Switches between the LED driver and wall. One for each driver. They’re rated at 250V/6A. Are they sufficient? If not, can you recommend switches that are?



Sounds like a good plan!

Those switches look like they would work, as long as it was one driver per switch. If you wanted an alternative, you could use standard household light switches. You could switch the 2 drivers on the same circuit with 1 switch, and driver on its own with a different switch. As long as you didn’t cross the 2 different circuits you would be good. I’m not sure how the cost would come in, probably more to do it with light switches. You would need a 4x4 box and a dual switch cover plate on top of the switches. Either will work.

The one thing I would make sure of is that you switch the AC or input side of the driver. Otherwise you should be good.


After a total of 62 holes drilled the light frame is coming together. Here’s a photo with the 9 COBs in place.

Now for the S hooks, chains, drivers, and wiring…


Looking great!


the home store has these… but get the actual tray instead of the liners,lol… the bigger ones are 14 inches wide…set your grow bag on the high side,…then place a small stick a bit lower down to level it out…the runoff water will flow down into the “tank” area so you can get it out with a towel or something…



@db32 - I have the DIY light all done. She’s pretty bright when all 9 COBs are burning at 100%. As installed each row of 3 has its own dimmer switch. The light array is on about 13.5 inch centers.

Temps are running a bit high at about 92 degrees. I’ll work on more ventilation through the tent. The grow room temp stays at 74 degrees.


That looks perfect for a 4x4. You did a really good job. Its really not that hard either was it?
You will really be happy with that light and the growth increase your going to get.
Love to see people make there own lights