Optimal LED for 4x4x7, 2 plant SCROG


@Tonyb, @dbrn32,

No special tools are needed. All the electrical connections are color coded and just need to be plugged in. No soldering needed.

Some folks use a pop rivet gun to make the angle iron connections, but I plan to use nuts and bolts. They’re stronger and easier to disassemble if I want to reconfigure the setup.


Thanks, and I will…


Quick question how far should I place Scrog above the pot


I don’t run a scrog, so not the best person to ask. But I would guess it depends on how tall the plants are when you apply it.

I’d probably shoot for somewhere between 12-18 inches.


Havnt tried that method yet, but I see that most place it around 24" from the floor, so that should be close to the 15" above the pot that @dbrn32 suggested. A lot would depend how tall your pots are, if your growing a tall or shorter strain, and how long you veg. before letting them start growing into the net.


Thanx I appreciate any info I can get this is 1st grow in over 19 years lots of different options now. Got 8 germinating and just trying to explore different methods and see what tickles my fancy. And I really like the tHought of all them colas


@dbrn32, @MAXHeadRoom, @Ray4x - I’ve included you guys in this posting b/c you’ve either built your own light or have shown interest in building one.

I have my 9 Vero29 LEDs ordered, they’ll be arriving in a few days. I’m drawing up some layout plans and have a few thoughts I’d like to run by the community.

I have a 4’x4’x80" tent and I plan to grow just 2 plants at a time. I also plan to SCROG them. My first thought was to spread the light out evenly across the entire 4x4 area. That would mean a 3x3 array of lights on 16" centers. I haven’t found any PAR charts for the Vero29 so I don’t know how much the light falls off as you move from the center of the LED.

Now I’m wondering if it’s unrealistic to think I’d ever use the entire tent. Say 8" around the perimeter will never be used for instance. Maybe I should cluster the lights a little closer together. This would concentrate the light more in the center of the tent where the plants would most likely be, giving me a more consistent PAR value.

Am I over analyzing this? All questions and suggestions are appreciated.


You’re not looking too deep at all!

Something else to consider, you’re tent also has reflective walls right? So you will get a little par boost from that, provided your lights are high enough. And realistically speaking, having it be a little weaker around the edges isn’t the end if the world even if you do fill it wall to wall.

What model Vero’s are you getting and what drive current do you plan on running? If you’re looking at the norm of about 70 watts per cob, I’d look at spacing them probably 12 inches or so on center. Maybe 14" tops.

You’ll still get light to the edges and be able to grow there, it just won’t be as much as you have at the center.


The Advanced diamond series.led.probable yohr best bet.


They are Bridgelux Vero29 v7 LEDs. You can google them to see more information. I’d provide the link, but the site rules state that only Amazon and Dealerz links are allowed.

I’m buying the kits from Timber Grow Lights. They state that each of the 9 lights outputs 100 watts. So, some quick math tells me that’s 900 watts total. But, as I’ve read more than once on this site. Mileage varies from light maker to light maker. :slight_smile:


I’m plenty aware of the Vero 29, enough that I know there are several variations.

Do you have 3 of the 300 watt kits? B version cobs with three hlg-320-2100 drivers? @HappyCamper


That posting was for DLZB.

Yes, it’s 3 of the three COB kits. I’m not sure which version of the COBs. The website says they’re powered by a Meanwell HLG-320H-C2100B power supply.


I gotcha borother.

Timber has them listed as B version which has fv of 52.1 at like 1800ma I think. At 2100ma, you’ll likely be slightly higher on the voltage and probably a little higher than 100 watts per cob. It’s kinda weird they packaged the kit like that. Per data sheet, that driver doesn’t have the output voltage to run three of those cobs. But it’s not high enough to put the driver into overvoltage. So hopefully it will stay in constant current range for you.

As a side note, what kind of circuit will you be powering the drivers from? Data sheet says 3 will require 230v 30 amp to cover inrush current. Hopefully that wasn’t overlooked?


This WAS overlooked. Jeez… I hope that isn’t the case because I don’t know how I’ll get 230v to my grow room. I doubt there are two circuits feeding the room, and if there are two, it’s a 50/50 chance there on the same leg in the panel.

I do have available space in the sub-panel in my basement, but it will be very difficult to run the cables to the grow room. Ugg. I’ll send some email to Timber and see what they say. :disappointed_relieved:.

I sent Timber an email and I also noticed on the invoice that is says “Separate dimmers/power cords x3”. I hope this indicates 120v. It sounds like the combined power will require more than the standard 15 amps I assume the room circuit is wired for. Well, it’ll be somewhat easier to piggy back another circuit in another room to run to the grow room…


You may be able to run them from different timers set a couple min apart.



I have two plants I was planning to flower in my 4x4x80 tent with my new Bestva 1000 LED light (I’m loving this light. It’s a great price, and I’m thinking about upgrading it to the 2000 in next month). But I didn’t figure in that my using 7gal earth bags with well-draining soil would may it a wet mess in my 2nd room.
There just doesn’t seem to be a way to water them that doesn’t create flooding of the tent and eventually my floor. I don’t have the funds or desire to buy wet/dry vacs, and I still can find a tray that will hold the water until I figure a way to hose it out. I’m now thinking about putting my plants in the bathtub, setting up my led, and finishing up the flowering in there. Is this really a bad idea?

I know the concerns about ph, but what if I were to ph the water in the tub? I have enough solution to do it (I have access to a case of it). I’m thinking if I were to ph the water, fill up the tub 1/3rd of the way, let it sit for about 10-15 minutes, then pour into my plants the “nuted” ph water (3oz nutes to 1 gal),
the plant roots would get bathed in plain water before being fed. I don’t know why, but I’m thinking as long as the water is ph’d, that’s not a bad thing? I mean, if I do this, wouldn’t it be removing any salts that may be at the bottom of the bag anyway (a bottom flush, of sorts), which would be great for the feeding?

I’m not sure why this would be a bad idea, so I came here to ask. Thanks in advance!



Hi @tbiapt23, Using the tub seems like more work/trouble than finding a tray that’s big enough for your earth bag. Most plant / hydro stores have a variety of plant trays that are < $2.00. Find one that is large enough for the diameter of the plant, plus some room for the overflow of water. Place some spacers under earth bag to both allow the earth bag to drain, and, create more space for run off. If you don’t want to buy a wet/dry vac, find a large sponge and bucket to remove the excess water.

I just have seedlings so I don’t have much of an overflow problem. If you’re like me and have a low RH problem, just let the excess water sit and evaporate.

I hope this helps,



Some good news on the power / circuit problem. My grow room is a relatively small room at about 9’x12’, and it’s sandwiched between two bigger bed rooms. Of the 4 power receptacles, three of them are on separate 15amp circuits! So, while the builder didn’t want to run a dedicated circuit for the room, he did do me a service by using some of three different circuits.


Hey do you have any pics of your tent setup with the two meizhi 1200w. I’m thinking of purchasing me a 4x4x7 tent and frow one to two plants at a time. If I did the bigger tent would 1200w x’s 2 be to much for the plants if I did one plant at a time or do you think that’s not to much power for them. I want to get the most out of one plant as I know I’ll need a bigger pot to grow in. Mostly if you have pics please post I want to bite a couple of your techniques from you if you don’t mind


Good news! Are you able to power up all 3 drivers without issue then?