Optimal harvest point

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Hi, my question is I have you’re gold leaf in flower now and I need to now what physical signs I should be looking for when this strain is at its optimal harvest point? I’m in my 7 week and the weight even with support is bending. I’m just under 50/50 ratio of golden to white hairs.

I have a carson mini microscope amazon 15 bucks
Check out your trichomes.
Jump on the forum and do a search on it
Lots of articles and posts on the subject
Depending on what your going for
Look for cloudy trichs for more of a heady groove
Look for cloudy and amber color for a good body and head buzz the more amber the more narcotic the effects
Hope this helps

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@ILGM.Zoe . I agree with @Growit find a cheap jewelers loop as long as it has a min. Of 25-30× magnifying ability it will work great.
Before i found this method and realized how much better it is i used to go by hair colors. If 80% were orange /red and at least 50% were dark red and getting the dark almost dried look then i would harvest.
Very good detailed info with pictures on the forum.