Opinions? Wondering when to stop nutes

Sweet mango autos
About 7.5 wks… from seed…
First grow here… wondering when you all think i should stop nutes… just fed them today… i think its close, sorry i cant get microscope pics but these pics show the pistils. I checked the trichs and they all seem pretty clear still. Any input or advice is welcome, please and thank you

She’s still packing up, maybe another 2-3 weeks before harvest.
You need a microscope to see how trichomes looks.

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Hey thanks for the. Response… i checked the trichomes and they are all clear still… i knew i was premature just wanted to gain advice from a more experienced grower

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Id keep feeding nutes for another 1-2 weeks, then flush. BUT im also on my first auto grow and they look similar to mine with just a weeks life span difference. These ladies gonna do what they want sometimes!

Thanks for the input, i was guessing a couple more weeks. Amazing how different each plant can be too

You still have a lot if time to go before she is finished.

I’m about 1 week from flush, possibly less. just gotta keep an eye on it.

all the effort so far, keep on it!

Checking them every day, dont want to screw this up lol

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You probably have over 1 month to go. Seems like a lot of plants make it past 100 days. This is what you want to start see before stopping feeding nutrients.

This is a picture off my Blueberry Kush Auto. :+1:

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Thank you for the reference picture… yah i got some time then… thats ok. I was hoping for a bit more time

She will start to pack on the weight that last couple of weeks. This is normal. Long as she is happy. :+1: