Opinions please! This lady is 20 days old today

WW Autoflower growing with natural light, will be transfered Outdoor soon. is this a normal size for growing with natural light/ sunlight?

You no doubt are mostly in indirect sunlight.
That stretch and pale green color show a plant needing more intense lighting.
You would do better to at least get it under a 5000k cfl bulb until you transplant outside.
You might even transplant now into a deeper pot and bury most of that stem.
If you have no suitable bulb/lights perhaps set it outside during daylight.
It needs direct sunlight at least 8-10 hours

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Just a footnote here…
The first few days outside in direct light should be shorter until the plant hardens up…
Maybe 3 or 4 hours and work up to a full 8 to 10 over a week.


Ughh. Turned out pretty well

looks good. Will get much fatter as it gets older.

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