Opinions please bruce banner 3 week 6 flower

Hey so this isnt too be a hero. This is my first time and ive been in there everyday researching and really caring for the girls. Im curious because im mind blown in the productin of them. Bruce banner #3 day 38 from flip so still cooking. And the trichomes are isnane aswell as density. I will be stringing them up in the next few days cause they are already starting too lean over on some. As i said researching allot about pheno hunting and have i just fluked an insane pheno or am i getting ahead of myself. Again not too be a hero here ive just never grown before so im unsure if this is the orm or ive got some good stuff. Cheers yall


Look good. Not ready. If heavy stake them up. They are still out of the window to these eyes.


They het heavy if your doing it right. These look great man. I grow photos, this is my last Bruce Banner.


I grew Bruce banner because of her high THC levels looks great

Cheers for the feed back man. If u dont mind my asking what was ur dry weight at the end?

Just let them grow if they need support then give them some but looks great

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