Opinions on trichromes: milky white or not?

Would love responses from experienced growers, I’m 61 days into flowering and am thinking I’ll need another week or two. Inspection of cutting suggests mostly milky white but some clear still. But I worry I’m just eager to harvest. So I’d like additional opinions. Obviously there are zero amber at this point.

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I like them that way, as long as those are the same on a calyx, not sugar leaves.


Thanks for responding Covert. To clarify, are you saying these trichomes suggest flowers are in the harvest zone? To put another way, if I needed to cut, dry, begin cure, and tear down in time to prevent “friends and family,” from being wise to my hobby, would a 7/10 harvest be premature, in your opinion?

I get what you’re saying. You’d be good, and wouldn’t lose any potency. The only thing that would happen is you’d start seeing more amber trichomes. Amber makes you sleepy, and I prefer a much more alert medicated feeling.
All pistils should be brown just about. You also would have noticed quite a bit of calyx swell.

As long as it went through those phases, and you have that trichome color you’d be good.

Close ups and shot of the overall plant you can grab to be sure would be great if you can.


Again, thank you. Here are some shots I took just now. Not sure if they show what you were requesting or not.

The very top ones have what they call foxtailing. They’re third and 4th set of pistils. Depends how many foxtails there are. I’ve had a gelato that did that, and kept doing that, I finally just gave up. Or you can ride it out. Knowing you want to chop as people are coming you could.

The father down still has a few weeks to go unfortunately. It’s farther behind. Most of the pistils are still white.

If it has frost, it still will work, but losing some potency on that one if you do have to cut it. This is just a FYI, and completely understand if you chop anyways. People get into situations I get it. (Or don’t want them)

If you wanted to let them go longer, you would be gaining some weight, and potency.

I hear you. I really appreciate the response and advice. I’m going to see if I can give it until the 10th and move on. That’ll be 9 1/2 weeks (which seems like an appealing timeframe for some reason :grinning:) I ended up with three different strains this grow and 2 are unusual (Red Afro, Ciskei, Girl Scout Cookie) so it’s hard to get information about them. All three quotes a 65-75 day flowering time line. But I feel like they’ve been moving at different paces. Also, I had a heat issue that’s been resolved, but here in FL temps in the grow area were hitting 90 on a number of days. Maybe that stress caused the fox tailing and/or unpredictability. But I’ve got 22 germinated seeds of more common strains growing nicely and ready to move in (after my visitors exit). So I’ll just look forward to next crop and once cured, see how people respond to this one. I don’t smoke the stuff as I totally freak out and am either catatonic or terrified of my own shadow. But I do enjoy this hobby and the learning. Thank you so much for sharing you knowledge.

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