Opinions on Trichomes stage photos for new grower


Would appreciate some opinions on what stage you see my trichomes being. I’m seeing a mix of cloudy & clear but still higher percentage of clear than would be at harvest time…am I assessing this correctly?

I’m really wanting to learn a bit more about what I’m actually seeing so I can develop knowledge for future grows. Any advice would be a help.


You want to see a bit of amber, which I don’t see yet. Then depending on how you prefer your weed you can wait for 50% amber for a couch lock, sedative like high. The longer you wait, the more amber you’ll see, and the more amber, the more the body high. Only say 10% amber will give you more of an active, head high. But you definitely want some amber in there. If it’s only clear and cloudy then it’s not ready. You have at least a week before you’ll get there.

There’s a great graphic for this, but I don’t know who has it.

This is my grow journal and I’m about to harvest. You can see pictures here of the amber trichs.


I’m seeing what you both are seeing. Mostly clear and cloudy. What does she look like as a whole plant?


Yeah, I figured on another week to 10 days to being about right for harvest.
I want some amber as I’m using it for pain management & insomnia so thought I’d harvest in two batches; first about 30/70 amber/cloudy and second harvest batch wait a bit longer for majority amber trichs for the evenings.

@raustin Nice pics of your blooming plant - blows mine away for sheer bud size thats for sure! Makes me more determined to go for ILGM tried & tested strains next grow instead of the random hybrid I’ve been dealing with. Rather be putting all my efforts into quality & predictable end product esp. now I know I have the right conditions and location to get good end result.


Thanks for confirmation, good to hear I’m on the right track.
She’s def. stopped growing over last couple of weeks and is just putting effort into flowers. The days are shorter and nights are getting cooler here so don’t want to leave it too much longer…but don’t want to short change a few amber trichs either. Such a balancing act to get it juuuust right.


Love the photos! excellent. @raustin got some good info for you!! Not sure if this is the graphic or not…


Yep, that’s the graphic. Thanks, @Sasquatch.


Once again the Forum gives awesome advice! I wanted to help but as I kept reading the posts everybody covered everything I had to say haha enjoy your grow. Have a nice afternoon.


It looks like good trichome production and I see what everyone else is seeing. You might want to dial back any nutes you’re using in anticipation of the finish. Can you give us an overall shot of the plant in natural light?

How far along in flower are you? Do you know?


A description that helps me is that clear trichomes have a glass appearance while cloudy ones resemble plastic. :v::green_heart:


Am now at 8 weeks into flowering with two plants. a look today found some ambers…probably at a ratio of 10-15% on one plant, the other larger plant is still only showing clears & cloudy.
Sorry about the quality of pics…kind fiddly having to hold microscope in the right place and cell phone cameroa over viewing bit.

I dod notice some sort of webbing looking stuff on one of the buds - see last three pics - which concerned me. Worried a spider or something equally messy has set up home in one part…or maybe (she says hopefully) do trichomes get a sticky look about them?


It sounds like you may have spider mites starting. Easy to deal with using some peroxide and water. 1 tablespoon per gallon and really wet down the plant. It won’t hurt her at all.

It’s hard to see from the pictures. If you think you are ready, going to water only for a week or two before harvest may be good.

Can you provide an overall picture of the plant in natural light?


Eeek @Myfriendis410 No way is spider mite is taking her down having got so far.
Will spray down with peroxide mix tomorrow…& take full picture.

I topped her and the others to limit height due to growsite so she’s not a tree more like a bushy shrub but should still get reasonable rewards for a first effort.
Biggest bonus is just how much I’ve learnt from going through the grow process and from all the expert advice from you all. Thanks heaps.


Here it is - bit hard to tell the boundaries but estimate about 80cm diameter.
Got the photo order a bit skewed.


She looks happy and healthy!


Getting close…