Opinions on seedling box

So new grower here and I just dropped 2 GGA seeds from ilgm… my son and I made this nursery box so we can obtain better climate control. It’s placed in the grow room with my WWA’S who are deep in flower and on 18/6 light cycle with a 600w hps light. The plan is to put the germed seeds in solo cups with ffhf for about 2 weeks hellraiser style then transplant into 3gl fabric pots.
I have about 36hrs to run this box with lights on to see what the high and low temps reach. My time is short right now but I’m curious what y’all think. 2 23w cfl’s that hang about 9” above where seedlings will be…


I like it & would be interested to hear of temps.

Thanks, it’s only been on for an hour or so and it’s up to 81f…I was thinking it might get too hot. The rest of the room stays around 75-76 with lights in but goes to about 65-68 lights off. I’d like to keep the seedlings around 75-82,Sound about right? I can always put some vent holes in but I’m trying to run the seedlings 24hrs and the rest of the room 18/6 so I don’t wanna disturb the other plants dark period

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poke holes & stick it in the bathroom for a night light

Lol. You don’t know how funny that bathroom comment is…My grow room IS our 2nd bathroom and everyone is ticked off about it!! Lol


Yep sounds great to me.
I live very basically off grid with very limited power supply and I desperately want to build something similar with 12 volt.
Be interested to see and hear your temperature results

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I’ll update over the next day or so. So funny, I waited 35 days for new seeds but waited till the last second to build and test the box. Doh!!!
I would think that with a small solar panel,a battery and an inverter it would be pretty cheap…

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Yer its the inverter that ducks the battery’s dry fast.
Unless I get more battery’s which I’ve wanted to do for the last 4 years.
More battery’s means more solar panels needed.
Need lights that come off the 12 volt system.
I’ve got no clue really

Ok @dbrn32 here’s a tough one on lighting see @Blackmoon’s post up abouve this one (#8) got any idea’s for Blackmoon?

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Thank you ill keep you on @pillsbury
Happy new year to you

Hit 88 in no time flat… just drilled some ventilation holes. I get the funny feeling that there’s a bunch of veteran growers getting a chuckle outta this

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There are dc to dc drivers that operate on 12v input. Would need to run high current though, and a lot of them. The problem is finding led modules that run on less than 12v, slim pickings.

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After drilling the holes it seems to have settled at 82f. Now I’m curious to see the low. I only have 1 space to make everything work. I’ll have more questions about that if I start a journal. The only thing that is really clear to me right now is that I Havnt found my growing style yet

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Over the lights off period when it’s coldest in the room the temp in the box stayed about 83, the room was down to about 66-68.
Now that I put some holes in the box there is some light leakage in the grow space where my autos are flowering. Is this a big deal? I really don’t want to mess them up after taking so long to get to this point. It’s not a lot of light and it’s pretty low to the floor but it’s not dark like it was before