Opinion's on my first attempt week 3 flower


Not bad man, really good looking buds forming there. I see a little stretching, but that will improve with more experience.

What are you using for lighting? Looks like an LED and HPS?

If so, one thing I did notice is your HID light in the top picture is pretty close to your lady. I fear you might be asking for light burn problems in the next couple weeks.

I know it’s a little tricky with two different size plants, so you might consider LST with the taller. Im not sure how much head room you have left. Keep in mind with any stress in flower, comes the threat of Hermaphridite traits.

In your next grow, you should check out the different training methods that the members here use. Some of these guys get very creative. I think you’ll really like the results if you apply some of these techniques. :slight_smile:


Awesome. No doubt spread open the bigger one with some LST.

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isn’t that a cfl?

Iv just moved them round so the taller one is under the led. The other light is a large cfl. Thanks for the feed bk iv only just found this site but I’m liking it


Ah, ok CFLs would be ok. I couldn’t tell with my tiny screen. This would also explain the stretching.