Opinions on Living Soil Recipe

Pots: 20 gallon Fabric Pots x ? :wink:
Location: Outdoors
Seeds: Auto flowering and fast-flowering photo



30% Pro-Mix HP or BX
15% Mushroom or Sea Compost
15% Earth Worm Castings
30% Perlite

Additions To Soil

  1. Gaia Green 4-4-4: 3 or 4 tbsp/gal.
  2. Wallace Wow Premium Mycorrhizal Inoculant - 1/2 cup per 20gal pot.
  3. Gaia Green Diatomaceous earth ( not quite sure how much)



Gaia Green 4.4.4: 2 tbsp/gallon.
Veg/Flower Start/Flower Middle


Gaia 4.4.4 PLUS Gaia Power Bloom 2.8.4 - 2 tbsp/gallon . . .
Veg: 70/30
Flower Start: 50/50
Flower Mid: 70/30

I will also be adding molasses to the water . . . thanks . . . keep up the good work!!:+1::+1::facepunch::facepunch:

p.s. I will also be planting two in the ground as a “test” . . . cheers . . . Trevor


I’m not an expert on living soil, and I just go to build a soil.com and use their suggested mixes. Not familiar with Gala. Maybe @organicyoda aka @Budbrother can chime in.

I do have 2 comments.

  • Perlite is not ideal in my opinion, it migrates to the top of the soil. I’ve started using a mix of rice hulls and red lava rock instead.

  • if you can put them all in ground with your living soil in the hole first, that would be ideal. In the ground it will be living and you will never have a deficiency, in my experience.

Here is my winter crop in raised beds.


Thank you for your advice!!! I have too use pots, because not enough of my back yard has sunlight for the plants. The “plantable” area is only suited for a couple of plants and is mainly grass, that I have too keep. If I use pots I can locate them anywhere in my sunny backyard areas.

It’s a 1:1:1 recipe so that good. From what i can see, you’re gonna run outta Calcium in that mix.

Thanks brother! I will make sure I address the Calcium in the soil! . . . :v:

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