Opinions on LEDs, please

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

"I would really like your opinion on a LED I’ve been looking at for a while, it’s the Fluence SPYDRx. From what I’ve read, if used correctly people are reporting 1.6/1.8g per watt! What are your thoughts on this? "

Depends on wattage and price also when buying led lights search up on the heat sinks in the light. The heat sinks are little cooling fans some are terrible and some are great for there price

Did you mean fins cuz you typed fans

No I mean fans, led lights have little cooling fans in them,just like gaming systems TV’s most commonly in flat screen TV’s and computers.

Cooling fans in led lights are known as heat sinks

I was under the impression that the heat sink is the aluminum plate that the led light attaches to.

Heat Sink

And the cooling fan blows on the heat sink and provides cooling for the LEDs

Cooling Fan

I was confused by the terminology. Sorry


All good, likely the aluminum plate is there to absorb heat and ground lights and fans helping power everything besides the mother board of course and model