Opinions on 315w CMH light for 3x3x6 tent

Hello everyone - I am a complete beginner, and this is my very first post.
First, a quick summary: Right now I want a quick and easy setup so I can get growing as quickly as possible. I will look into homebuilt stuff later. But I do want to save money if possible.
I am leaning toward buying a 3x3x6 tent setup (I don’t know if it’s okay to mention outside vendors or point to their products) that seems to include everything I need except a light. 3’x3’x6’ tent, fan, carbon filter, 6"x25’ ducting, timer, fan control, thermometer/hygrometer, fabric pots and even some Ocean Forest soil.
The vendor’s recommendation for a reasonably priced light for that box is:
315 watt CMH light fixture 3100k. The price is $375

I just wanted to get others opinions… in case there is something else that will do an adequate job for less money.

It’s a damn good light for 3x3. I would make sure to get the Phillips bulb, I think it’s called green power? @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971


I’ve heard really good things about the cmh light fixtures… my only suggestion would be to try to find a taller tent … like a 4x4x8 if you have the ceiling height for it and the extra elbow room will help also… :wink:


Thanks. This is the bulb it comes with:
Philips Master Colour CDM-TP MW 315W/930 Elite MW
It looks like the “930” is the color code: CCT of 3000K
I believe this is the bulb, if anyone wants to look at all the nitty-gritty details:

I just checked and the ceiling height is 81 inches, so I’m kind of stuck with 6 foot.
Two days ago I was looking at doing a space bucket though, so I’m already way taller!

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120 lumens per watt at 3100k 90cri is solid.

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Phillips 3100k 315w


That’s a new one you can get them online at Walmar cheaper sometimes

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Welcome! I am a newbie grower as well with a few grows under my belt. I am going to give this a shot without looking at the other replies, so I apologize if I repeat something (maybe good if I do LOL)

Do NOT buy a package deal! Do the work. Buy each product that matters individually (lights, tent/grow-space stuff, ventilation, humidity control, water testing, etc.).

Unless you plan to grow one harvest and be done with it, invest wisely starting with lighting. In the market right now, the quantum boards seem to provide the best bang for the buck, and they will last a decade and leave you time and $$$ to spend on other things. If you are open to any lighting options, @dbrn32 can guide you towards the best investment for your space without being a “well, I bought this, and you should too!” guy. Very knowledgeable and actually enjoys the intricacies of that BS :slight_smile:

Plenty of tents out there, or you could use a refrigerator box with Mylar space blankets and duct tape - the least of your worries, so buy according to the space you have available, and fill it as cheaply as possible.
Ventilation is secondary to lighting, and must compensate for the heat produced by the awesome lighting you were ably to buy by buying separately :slight_smile:

Water-testing is an often overlooked expense. Get quality from a reputable company, even if you buy it on Amazon. I use Apera, but there are others. Something easy to calibrate and trustworthy. I like Apera because I can nute-up my water, then dangle it in there and watch the results as I pH up or down.

I am presently using all Ocean Forest products, from soil-to-nutes, so I might be able to answer specific questions about that. They have a helpful customer service dept., and I am not shy about asking them to do their job :rofl: