Opinions and Info needed please xox autoflower day 26

I’m no expert, but I think you could wait at least a week based on 7 weeks of flower.


Yeah I think I’ll wait a few more days to be on the safe side. I don’t want to harvest too early because of impatience. Do you beileve in the theory of keeping plants in the dark 2 days before harvest? I think I remember reading some article on it.


How about a good overall picture too. Cloudy and clear: at least 2 weeks IMO.


Here are some pics of her buds. Or do you mean the plant as a whole?

Hey @Alice420… that girl is ready now!!


Time to flush. Think about harvest in a week or so.

Yeah I just gave her the first flush an hour ago. I think I’ll give her a week and harvest. Rather safe than sorry. :thinking: :+1: I don’t want to be that person that can’t wait and harvests way too early :joy: excited to chop my first harvest :grin::grin::grin:

Have you heard or tested the method of keeping the plants in the dark two days before harvest?

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I usually just chop at first light. The idea is that the plant moves nutrients from the canopy to the roots when lights are off. This will reduce the salts in the finished flower, producing a smoother, less harsh smoke. Potency isn’t affected but the quality sure is.

When I harvest I flush using Florakleen and straight R/O water until the TDS of the runoff is under 200 ppm.

Right now you have a mix of cloudy and clear so don’t be surprised if two weeks is necessary. There will be some additional bulking up going on as you still have white pistils showing: bud calyxes are forming.


Okay I see, yeah I’ll just chop it after a dark period. Thanks for the info. Will see how she looks in a week and decide what I need to do. I have run into a slight(good/bad) problem. My second auto is considerably larger than the plant I’m going to harvest soon, so I’m kinda running out of space.So hopefully harvest will be sooner rather than too much longer. I did not expect this auto to be so much bigger in size! Like I said it’s a good/bad problem :joy: I am very excited for this second one to start budding out! here is the pic


Here is a Pic of the nugs! Will post more tomorrow!


I need to hire your trimmer. Looking nice and tight!

Thanks! Yeah I like doing a tight trim, makes those buds look great🙃