Opinions and Info needed please xox autoflower day 26

This is my first plant so this has been a learning curve for me. I always test my PH after I add nutrients, usually between 6ish -6.5.
I have been using the biobizz nutrient range and found this feeding schedule that I tired out with slight adjustments on my side as every plant is different. Especially because there is no way my plant will only grow to 8 weeks. She’s already on week 10 tomorrow.
Do you think this feeding chart is okay or should I change it up? (I also don’t have the bioheaven) I use only the bio grow and bio bloom.

this is the feed chart i follow with ep salts week 3 and 6


1ml bio heaven to 1lt ph water from week 2 + regular feed as below

1st Feeding – Plain PH’d water and 1m of root juice per 1lt
2nd Feeding – Plain Ph’d water 1.5m of root juice per 1 lt
1st Feeding – ½ ml BIO-GROW
2nd Feeding - ¾ ml BIO-GROW
1st Feeding – 1ml BIO-GROW – ½ ml BIO-BLOOM
2nd Feeding – 1 ½ ml BIO-GROW – ¾ ml BIO-BLOOM -
1st Feeding – 1 ½ ml BIO-GROW - 1ml BIO-BLOOM – ¼ ml TOP-MAX
2nd Feeding – 1 ½ ml BIO-GROW – 1 ½ ml BIO-BLOOM – ½ ml TOP-MAX
1st Feeding – 1 ½ ml BIO-GROW – 1 ¾ ml BIO-BLOOM – ¾ ml TOP-MAX
2nd Feeding – 1 ½ ml BIO-GROW – 2 ml BIO-BLOOM – 1ml TOP-MAX
1st Feeding – 1 ½ ml BIO-GROW - 2 ¼ ml BIO-BLOOM – 1ml TOP-MAX
2nd Feeding – 1 ½ ml BIO-GROW – 2 ½ ml BIO-BLOOM – 1ml TOP-MAX
1st Feeding – 1 ½ ml BIO-GROW - 3 ml Bio-BLOOM – 2ml TOP-MAX
2nd Feeding – FLUSH
1st Feeding - FLUSH
2nd Feeding - FLUSH


Yeah I also think that she might need more nutes than the schedule indicates. I have been slowly upping the doses that in the schedule.
I also think it might be the switch of lights… She used to be very dark green and I think the light switch was intense for her.

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Nice! I’ve always wanted to see a feeding schedule for autos!

I haven’t used the Biobizz line myself so don’t feel competent to comment. I do go by the TDS of the solution when I feed: your plant is probably close to reducing demand at week 10 so should be watching for it. I would not be over 1,100 ppm right now.

All in all you are doing fine and you could likely just ride it out until harvest. I would suggest a moderate dose of Epsom the last couple of weeks when you are doing water only to help terpene production. I usually give mine a dose of Liquid Kool Bloom (a big P, K jolt) around week 6 or 7 in flower. Not too much because it can shut down the plant.

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They don’t need much nutrients do they!?

Fox farm has one

I only have half of the chart @Missiles has 5he whole thing

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Autos generally use slightly less nutrients than Photo period plants. I used that feeding schedule more as a guide with the nutrients I am using as not all plants are the same but it helped with the general idea of feeding.

Okay great! Thanks so much for the input I will definitely take it into consideration. I think at this point I will let her ride it out with what I am currently doing and with my other plant I will slightly up the doses in feeding when she goes into full flower…
All in all the buds look great and smell amazing. Will post a Pic after harvest and see what I get out of her.

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Do run a little Epsom for the aromatics. I plan to. Something @dbrn32 suggested.


Okay I will do! Will add some in for her next feeding tomorrow! :blush:


Here are some pics of the buds at the moment. She’s exactly 10 weeks today. Wonder how much time she has left.

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Nugs are muturing :grin::pray:

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Here is some visual info.



Hi everyone! I would appreciate any info on my newest post on another thread I have for a different plant I am growing My second plant- power plant auto (help, one funky leaf!)

I am just wondering about her veg time as she’s hitting week 7 with only preflowering pistols. Could you guys perhaps have a look please :pray:

Hi guys! So I finally got my jewelers loupe today and I took some pictures of my tricomes on the plant. It would be very helpful if you guys can help me decifer when to harvest and how long you think she is from ready.
What do you guys look for in terms of harvesting? It’s my first time so not 100% confident yet in deciding the right moment…
Thanks! Here are some pics I tired my best to get.

Going to add a couple of you to get a variation of opinions to go on :blush: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
@Cyle1 @HornHead @aaa @Jbum @bonnie1 @imSICKkid @Drillbit @Myfriendis410


I see mostly cloudy. If you are impatient and want to get er done, you could chop in a few days. If you are going for max, need to wait for more amber.

Also, looks like some webs in those shots. Do you have spider mites?

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How long do you estimate in terms of days would be the peak of ripeness and perfection to harvest?

No spider mitesthank God! :scream: :joy: just accidental fibers from my wooly jersey I was wearing and getting in too deep with inspection :joy: plus my long hair does not help either… :roll_eyes:


That’s the issue. I waited for an outdoor blueberry to go amber, and it never did.

It depends on the strain/individual phenotype.

How many days has it been flowering?

Let’s see what the others say.


All I see is cloudy as well. This is when I chop plants since I don’t like them amber. From now until whenever you decide is fine.


This auto is on day 42 of flower. So 7 weeks total today. She is 11 weeks and 2 days old.