Opinions and Info needed please xox autoflower day 26

Hi Guys, I am a newish grower in South Africa and thought i might as well experiment a bit with my first plant. I am growing a Amnesia Lemon Autoflower.
I have decided to see how the plant would do if i put it in the outdoor sun during the day and indoors under a big 250 Watt CFL bulb at night(i also have a 60 true watt LED i could add once the plant is a bit bigger, or what do you guys think?) My plant gets about 20 hours of mixed direct sun/light a day.
I made a growing medium made of peat moss, perlite, vermiculite and compost.

Anyways my plant is 26 days old and i started to low stress train it at about day 15/16. I just want to get your opinions on if it looks like its on the right track for her age? Am I doing the LST correctly? Basically any input you guys have with experience.(BTW i am using the biobizz nutrient range)

You will see one picture that has a collage of 3 pictures(this is from week 1-3)
Then the other picture are oftoday at day 26 is when i have started LST with the side branches and is my most recent update on how it looks.

P.S i know the one leaf is a bit funky as it have a leaf miner in there but i took care of it.(I did not want to cut as it might cause stress or do you think this would be best to cut it off?)

Thanks, xoxo Alice



Started growing auto flowers myself, recently I did. So help to give, I cannot. Much knowledge to gain, by watching this thread. Watching, I am!


Living up to your avatar!


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Your in the lead with “Best shit seen on the internet today” award!!!

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Let me tag some auto growers in on this one. @bonnie1 @blackthumbbetty @Onlythebest79 @pbs86

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Hey what’s up guys? I wouldn’t recommend putting your auto plants out in the sun, keep inside under your LED lights and turn them off for 6 hrs a day, whenever it’s hottest. When you leave indoor plants outside they can get bugs and transfer inside to your other plants. This plant has something wrong on the leaf, might be PH, nutrients or bug, can’t tell, have to get a closer look. Is the plant 26 days old from permanent pot planting? Other than that leaf the plant looks good.


@Alice420… hey I grow autos all year round now cause gotta keep that perpetual grow & winters are very cold. Alotta amnesia haze & kush… love it! Looks like a bug on that leaf, I would cut it off and make sure they’re aren’t anymore spots like that & keep an eye out. They look good and your low stress training looks like it’s working, your plants are green & full. I’m no expert & could be wrong but the leaf looks like a worm in there…


Absolutely remove that infected leaf.

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Hi there,

I will cut the leaf off. It was a miner in the leaf but i tried to squash the miner dead instead of removing the leaf as i didnt want to stress the Autoflower out due to her short flowering period.

She is 31 days today:) Looking good it think!


@Alice420… hi, yes cut that off, better to stress the plant a little than leave an bug infected leaf. Your mj plants are more resilient than you realize. She looks healthy otherwise. I’m gonna take another pic of my Kush XL Auto plant before she’s ready to cut, which is soon, she’s getting fatter every day with lots of trichomes. Good luck with your autos!:+1::seedling:

I’ll tag you if you want…

How have they grown since last pic

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I know right :sweat_smile::relieved: can’t wait for them to be in full bud :seedling:

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What is a good baseline to follow when it comes to feeding automatics? As far as ppm’s and ph ranges go I mean.

I use fox farm trio

I tag you in a tread that should help read threw it might already have answer there or ask a ? Smart guys there

41 days today

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Oh ya looks good

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I would do alittle more lst try pull the out a little and expose all the inside secondary branches

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Yeah was planning to do a little, did some today. Quite tricky as she’s super bushy!