Opinion on plants for tent size

Looking to see how many plants I should try growing in my 24"24"48" tent. I’m using a 600 watt Vivosun LED light. This is my first grow EVER and I’m still getting the room prepped for the tent. I may have questions as I build the tent :wink:. I have both auto white widow and auto bubblegum from ILGM. How many plants would you try growing in a set up of this size? Also, which auto do you think would be best for a total novice?

I appreciate any thoughts or input.

I would say 2 autos would be tight but doable. That should be plenty of light. Most if not all autoflowers are easy to grow . There’s plenty of knowledgeable folks here to help and answer any questions you may have. If you’re new here, welcome to the forum.:grinning:

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I grow in a 2x2 tent and I only grow knew plant at a time. Two autos will be tight.

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Thank you very much I am looking forward to learning a lot here.

I was wondering that because a lot of pics I see of people’s plants looks like they could get pretty take up quite a bit of room.

These plants can get huge. I fill up my 2x2 with one plant.

That is exactly what I am worried about. I want my first grow to be a good one so I will go ahead and start with one auto. Do you think I should start with the WW or bubblegum?

White Widow is a great strain for a first time, it’s very forgiving.


I would do one fem in a 2x2

Thank you. That is what I have read about WW.

But like @raustin said the white widow autos are easy grow and very forgiving

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I’m just saying for the money you will get more from 1 fem then a auto is all


the reason I bought autos at first is because being knew I figured it would be the easiest so I do plan to switch over if them after I get a couple grows under my belt. I would love to try Northern Lights at some point. I’ve heard great things about it.

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My first indoor grow was in a 2x2x4 did 2 super skunk and it was crowded bad


If you did fox farm Ocean soil in a 3 gallon cloth pot All you have to do is water it you won’t need to feed anything make sure you get a ph meter

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#1 tool is are ph meter


What he said☝🏾

O and welcome to the forum!

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That’s great I did buy 5 gallon fabric pots with foxfarm ocean Forest soil and I also bought the nutes from Fox Farm but from what everybody’s saying I don’t think I’ll have to use them with this Auto at first.Sorry this reply is late. Didn’t realize I was limited on replies last night. I’m new to the forum*


Thank you!

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O yea. Just to stop spammers. Its a great way to deter them (limitd messages first 24 hours) and yes. With ffof soil you can usually get thru 4-6 weeks of vegging before first feed. And thats not counting seedling stage where she’s feeding from her cotyledons. The best way to be for sure how much she has to eat is a EC/TDS test.