Opinion on Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 225

Picked this up in haste as I got a real deal for it. Good light? What stages is it best for? I am still working to get my grows past the germination stage right now… ;(

What are the PPFD charistics for your light?
What is your grow size?

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oops. seems it stripped the URL. not sure what happened. sorry. i just germinated and have a different led light on it now. an amazon crap one.

It is an HLG 225.

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The question was for you to answer. Do you know the light and what do you need it for.
Providing the answers to forum members is easier for them to decipher your need.
In 1973 A light bulb did no growing, even if advertised as grow light.
In 1980 “florescent grow lights” made the minimum.
In 1983 The 1000 watt (cooked your eyes, but grew great plants).
2014 LEDs hitting the market (easily available 50/100 watt GROW LIGHTS).
2022 MANY lights on market.
Commercial grow? Closet? Temperatures? that is the key for what light does well.
Saturday night I will be emptying my Flower tent (4x4x6.5) for wash, watering plants, re-arrange the 5 lights and PPFD/DLI map the lighting configuration (collectively) for the tent. Any light works. some better than others.
Multiple “old” lights in my inventory are in use. XMas I want ONE light for the tent. (dimable/daisychain), not 4 small antiques.

I imagine it is a solid dependable light because that is what HLG lights are.

225 watt full spectrum light to flower smaller spaces.

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guess i need to read posting rules. seems the link is not authorized. odd.

Any light is better than darkness. Clones, seedlings and veg plants will like it. Flowers need double, at a minimum, space dependent.

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got it. most of those Qs i could not begin to answer. i do know the light. hlg 225. bought it for grow. plan at this point is to use my office closet. basically, empty and the size of a decent tent 4x6x8 i’d guess. my temps run at about 74 with 45% humidity. i want to do hydro - bought a small hydro setup but until i learn a bit more, i will use dirt. got info from someone else on existing light needs and have that somewhat dialed in - 140 ppfd with my cheapo amazon light. i guess next thing i need to figure is if the light i am using suffices, when would i change over to this one.
thanks for bearing with me!

Cool, My vote FFOF and FFHF soils would be best for growing.

@dbrn32 is our light guy

That light would do great for one plant, or two smaller ones. I recently purchased an hlg 350r, and it’s doing a great job in a 2x4 tent, and I e yet to use full power.


I am only planning on doing 1-2 at a time right now. Don’ have enough room for much more.

This is one of their older lights. Not as good as latest from them, but still good. It can ne used from start to finish and should be between 2x2-3x3 coverage.

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Happy cake day @dbrn32

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oh really? just adjust it? i have yet to find that adjustment on it. need too dig up docs.

Im not sure what you feel purpose or function of adjusting? What is driver model number on yours?

@dbrn32 Happy birthday Sir.

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Good light. Will do well as @dbrn32 says. Probably push a couple nice plants.

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Is adjustment not needed to follow this guide?

You would need to adjust something to change light intensity, i judt wasn’t sure what you were asking about. What is model number on driver you have?