Opinion on Best PH AND TDS meters

Afternoon everyone.Newbie here! I recently ordered Vivosun meters before I read reviews (not good)!
So i want opinions on good quality meters. Everything I’ve been reading states that PH is Everything, so I want to get it right. Thanks in advance.

Apera or bluelab


Probably APERA INSTRUMENTS which you can find on Amazon are the most recommended here on the forum.

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Everyone has their own preference.
I’m going to say this against popular belief. I have been testing the vivson against my Milwaukee pH meter for a year it’s not as far off as everyone claims. Does it need calibrated often sure but what pen doesn’t.
Is it cheap made yes. It’s also not completely water proof. Does it work yes, with proper calibration.
I haven’t seen any wild swings or anything crazy like that.


I bought a cheap set myself and used it long enough to dial in my process.
Hardly ever need them anymore.


I bought a set for the ppm pen and tested the pH because I had it and everyone straight trashes them. I wanted people on a budget to not be discouraged by the higher cost pens.


Apera 20 is what i have. I did have different ones before. I have a Bluelab for other testing. Both reasonable price