Opinion needed on fertiliser use

Hi, Ive been growing this plant in a bucket now for a while and its beginning to show signs of what i believe to be calcium deficiency (please correct if wrong) and i got this fertiliser named super grow from a friend, i want to know if any one here has used it? If its advisable to use it as an alternative instead of spending money on some other fertiliser.
Here’s my baby


P.S: i just flushed the soil[Uploading:

First off, what kind of soil is that?


I’m with @hornhead what are you using for soil


Hi, i use a basic garden soil as this is a low budget experiment, its my first grow😁

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First welcome to the community lots of knowledgeable people here to help you. Not familiar with the fertilized. I do think if you could transplant it into some good organic soil it would take off an do good. I don’t think the soil you are using will drain very well looks like red clay. Good luck

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Is there fertilizer built in the soil?

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Thank you, im working on that currently

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Currently yes, the white-ish lookinng materials are pulverised eggshells, i read on another group it could help with calcium deficiency

My cousin tried growing in soil that looked just like that…same consistency and color…his plant did just fine in early veg but as the older plants needs changed it choked out and died…we pulled it up and the roots were undersized and very skinny…his potting “soil” was 3 bucks a bag

While egg shells will help with that it’s a long term fix. This is a great place for info on growing. Everyone helps out. A lot of 1st time growers have a tendency to throw alot at their plants so be careful with that.
You have a picture of the fertilizer? What’s the npk values on it.

Fish, i have to get better soil then

Thanks for the advise, ther fertilizer does not have any details about the NPK ratio on it

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I wouldn’t use it then

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