Operation save my girls!

These are set up in a spare bedroom, temp is 78F. We are 11 days in and growing seems to have come to a halt. Now I have this yellowing of the leaves as well. Overwatering? I’m using plastic baggies to give them humidity and the soil isn’t soaked (I haven’t watered them in a few days) I keep the light on 24/7- not sure if that’s a problem (they are autoflowering) Can my girls be saved?!?!

Look way overwatered. Soil is really damp. Do you have drain holes in bottom of cups?

What soil are you in?

Are you pH’ing your water to 6.2-6.8?


The top growth does appear to have more green coming in. Others should chime in soon.

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Slow down on the watering. I use an eyedropper on my seedlings. I place a few ml at the base of the plant every few days for the first week or so…


so I took a drastic measure after these pictures and removed all the wet soil, and replaced with fresh dry soil. I don’t have drain holes, but do have a layer of pebbles in the bottom. No PH testing… so I don’t know what the PH is. The soil is just “natural organic potting mix” no nutrients. I’ve been using bottled spring water to water them.

well this tells me I was DEFINITELY overwatering!!!

You really need to put drainage holes in your cups. Cannabis does not do well with soggy soil.
@oldmarine and @Borderryan are giving you good advice.


thank you- will do!

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You need drain holes in the cups

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Definitely want to spend the money on a decent pH meter. Cannabis, in soil, doesn’t do well outside of the range mentioned earlier. Apera and BlueLab are both quality brands. Don’t cheap on pH or lights. You can end up with all kinds of issues if you don’t have a comfortable pH


Solos don’t need but 4-5 oz every 3-4 days. Cannabis likes a wet and dry cycle. Let the soil dry up before watering again.


I use a cigarette lighter to melt 4 small holes on the lower rim. Holes along the lower rim of the cup drain better than holes on the flat bottom.


That’s a great tip and way easier than trying to cut holes


U need drainage holes cause ur getting water build up in the cup ur going to drown ur girls

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We’ll they don’t look great… I’m afraid I’ll lose all of them. Not really sure where to go from here other then to start over.

Being that they are autos and they have suffered a lot of stress you may want to drop some more

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I do believe I’ve saved them!