Operation Misfits ShromXChocolope Start to Finish with QB


Dig the fact that you’re resource conscious. Good for you man. Keep up the good work :+1:t3:


Rockin it :metal:


DAY 24- Kinda quiet on the home front. Juveniles and clones doing well. I came up with an idea to split the 4x8 grow into 1/2 scrog set up. I’ll make a 4x4 scrog net and the other half I’ll let the gals go free. That will also give me better access to the plants if I can reach from 2 sides. There’s no way I could reach the back area of the tent if I scrogged the whole 4x8. Then I can compare results between the two sides. Also looking to get another 24x48x50 tent for veg. I’ll put my DIY Bridgelux strip fixtures in that tent. Anyhoo enjoy ya’lls day!


UPDATE- Guess what just came in the mail? Yup right on time my ILGM Fem OG Skywalker seeds.
Going into the sprouter 2 mrw.


congratulations ! I have some ILGM Skywalker OG beans that did not make the lineup this year, maybe next season, tag me if it’s a new thread for their grow…


Yeah I really ought to separate the threads. It’ll be my Indian Summer Grow Thread :sunglasses:


Everything looks nice and orderly and the little ones haven’t missed a beat. Lookin good my friend :facepunch:


DAY 25- Watering day pH only. Clones still standing up tall so at this point i think it will be a 100% success rate. In which case depending on how many females show up I could have anywhere between 10 to 26 fems for the second batch. Anyhoo the ILGM OG Skywalker beans have all shot tails so they are planted. Hey thats pretty cool 100% sprout rate for ILGM!!! Enjoy…


DAY 26- Another photosynthesis day. My strategy to slow the juveniles down by lowering light intensity, backing off nutes and goign 16/8 photoperiod seems to be working. I’m on day 4 of the clones and they all look like they will take. 3 more days or so and I’m going to x plant them into 4" pots and flip them to 12/12 when I see some new growth. So i’m starting a new grow journal in the outdoor section for the ILGM OG Skywalker starts. Cheers!


Tag me in on the outdoor plz :+1:


Already there haha! Little high


I need to grow a Skywalker one of these days… they’re looking great amigo :wink::v:


I just wanted to relate a cool story today. I visited my favorite roadside fruit stand today and the guy who was selling his produce looked like a stoner. I asked him if he was down for a trade? He said absolutely! So I went back hm and grabbed an eighth of Sour D and an Eighth of Kushberry and headed back to the stand. He was sooo stoked he gave me 4X 32 oz of raw local honey, 1/4 oz of bee pollen, 4 lbs of oranges, 4 lbs of peaches, 4 lbs of red plums, 4 lbs of mangoes, and 4 lbs of avocados. Anyhoo I thought it was awesome bcuz we were both stoked on the barter…


Doooooood!!! That’s awesome! I wish more people were like that haha


I agree, not enough stuff like that happens.


Hey what thread were ya’ll talking cannabis stocks? I’m not a fiduciary but if you guys are seeing profits like this rt now, i would consider taking some profits at least to cover your cost basis. Then no matter what comes in the near future its all house money win or lose. Ask me how I know. I took 3% profits on my investments earlier this year which were 1000x in crypto currency for 2017. I wish i had taken more like 25% because I have lost 500k in 9 months. I’m an early investor so I’m not underwater but I wish I had preserved more capital. Just a suggestion…


@Rayofsunshine’s thread.

I’ve bought, dropped, and bought a couple again. So I know what you’re saying. My tiny portfolio isn’t limited to weed stocks, wasn’t even really on my radar when I opened the account. Cron for example I bought the first time for like 5.60 after it showed up as biggest loser for the day on an app I use. Sold it a couple weeks later for about $10. Picked it back up at 8, sold at 12, and bought again at 10ish. It was the first one I bought over $1.

Getting pretty close to the oct 17th live date, I’m inclined to hold onto them for now. But I’ve definitely been playing the game.


Yeah the hardest thing to do is cut profit when the asset is rocketing. Its like a drug or a shot of endorphine when you see your portfolio gaining so much every time you refresh your app. I went from 3K to 70K on an ICO i invested in and its was tough to sell ANY of it. But I diversified into other ICOs and held a bit. Gotta sell into strength and buy when everyone else is selling. Warren B.


I agree. Most of them I will set a sell order on as soon as I get them. It’s not always s realistic sell order, but stops people from shorting with my shares too. I’m learning anyway.


@Farmacist was just asking about this so I tagged him. Hope u don’t mind