Operation Misfits ShromXChocolope Start to Finish with QB


Man that top view of a few flowers is a such a beautiful picture it has so much depth bad ass


Very nice I wanna take a swim in that sea of green lol


DAY 100 FLOWERDAY 35- Focused on the veg room today. Up-planted the gal containers into 5gal smart pots.


You’ve got some beautiful girls.!


@Midwestnewbie thanks man!


DAY 102 FLOWER DAY 37- Watered the girls yesterday. just been smashing these girls with photons…


DAY 104 FLOWER DAY 39- This part of the grow takes sooo long…


You got some color developing on the front left on that big fan looks reddish nice man


yes I…they getting some purps


wow those are going to be massive. after watching your journal i need to get 1 more upgraded light for my little space lol.


Nice garden bro. Bet it smells euphoric in there


Understatement. I bet its orgasmic in there!



I lightburned a lot of My leaves. 20” at 80%. Lol. Shits powerful. I kept thinking it was a deficiency. Nope kickass strips and qb.


How high above the plants do you run the QB lights?


rt now its about 12" from the tallest colas but on average 18"


Time slows down at this stage of flowering


DAY 106 FLOWER DAY 41- Focused on the veg room today. Pruned a lot of redundant in ward growth and left the girls outside to spread their legs and relax lol. Still dont know if the MendoBendo is a female yet? The main flower tent is getting close on some of the strains. The SxC is an early flowering strain which is surprising considering the sativa dominance. OG Skywalker is turning purple but taking longer to mature. We are well within the flowering completion window so i figure at least 3 more weeks. What say you? Sorry no trich shots yet.




DAY 107 FLOWER DAY 42- Watered the girls today. Here’s the verdict on the MendoBendo do you see what I see?