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wow brave guy. seriously, i want u around when im trippin cause it sounds like u have nerves of steel


DAY 77 FLOWER DAY 12- Watered the clones today. I bought a humidifier today in hoping to increase the water vapor level in the flower tent but I obviously underestimated the need for lots of water vapor in the tent with the exhaust fan working. Bought a couple more humidifiers to test out in hopes they will kick out enough moisture to do the job. Mendo Bendo seedling is getting bigger too! Hope its a girl…


Where’s the update?


DAY 79 FLOWER DAY 14- Watered the girls full strength bloom nutes with pro-tekt silica today. Went three days between watering and they didnt like it. Been battling low humidity. Bought a humidifier that just wasnt cutting it so I bought a Vornado which hopefully should raise the humidity better. Raised the light fixtures up so they are 12" above the tallest colas. Top of the canopy was registering 97 deg with extremely low humidity not a good situation. raised the fixtures so that the temp is registering around 82 deg at top of canopy and hopefully I can get the humidity up to 40%.


A thing of beauty to behold


thank you @Budbrother! looks like the humidifiers are helping. Its extremely dry the past couple days here in socal 16% humidity with the Santa Ana’s. Inside i’m now holding around a 30% humidity with mid to upper 70s temps.


I had to build one to get to the numbers I want. My house stays around 21%, crazy cause it’s 90-100% outside. It works out for me in flowering though. I just program the level into the controller and fill the bucket when needed.


DAY 80 FLOWER DAY 15- Been super dry with the Santa Ana’s around 16% humidity but throwing everything I have at increasing the humidity in the tent. Rt now at 28% with all my measures in place. We should be ok moving forward. Colas are stacking rt now. Really exciting to see the progress…


DAY 81 FLOWER DAY 16- Watered the girls today. Still struggling with low RH in the region today but tent is reading about 29% RH much better than the 16% outside but still would like to see another 10% higher indoor. Buds are stacking up nicely. Will lollipop the girls in another 5 days to concentrate the energy towards the upper colas.


Found an oscillating misting fan on Amazon that hooks up to your garden hose but IDK how to copy the link so screen shot is best I’ve got.



Maybe for the outdoor stuff but I would be hesitant to have a connected hose inside with the water turned on 24/7…


NewAir AF-520B Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan, 18-Inch, Black


i got ur back brogan


a lot of growers would be jealous of the ridiculously low RH in SoCal but its just a matter of picking your poison. We have outrageously high heat and low RH so our battle is a bit different not to mention wild fire dangers but either way i’m happy that its only a matter of temp and RH that i have to deal with instead of floods, hurricanes, fuked up government cannabis policy and insane humidity.


Govt bs :white_check_mark:
Hurricanes :white_check_mark:
Floods n nutso humidity :white_check_mark:
:fire:? Nope. Scares tf outta me. Be safe my guy


I hear you, but plenty of other bs policies to go along with it.


DAY 82 FLOWER DAY 17- Did some lollipopping today. Took off about a 33 gal trash can worth of undergrowth. Happy with the RH stayed around 30% today in the tent.


Looking even better over here! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


DAY 83 FLOWER DAY 18- Watered the girls today. RH is good now in the 30-40% range temps are 77F at the canopy.