Operation Misfits ShromXChocolope Start to Finish with QB


DAY 49- Took care of some tent housekeeping so I could set up the scrog 2mrw. Changed the way the fixtures hang so that I have the ability if necessary to raise them almost to the top of the tent. Did some fimming on the new growth as well.


Looks badass! Looking forward to seeing the scrog. Was that driver running too hot? Is that why you clipped the little fan blowing on it?


No the plate on the 550 doesnt have heat sinks so its not quite as efficient as the 600 in dissipating the heat so I added the fan.


600 doesn’t seem great either, I’d probably run fan on it too at 100%.


I’ve been using an infrared thermometer to monitor the temperature of the driver. I read some documentation and found the acceptable, safe operating threshold and I check it every once in a while…

I’m not running mine at full capacity yet, but when I do, I’ll want to see the difference and if it stays in the allowable range.

Tip: Measure at the TC marker in the very center of the drivers top. I spoke to their engineer about it.


How hot does it measure?


Right now, 51.8 Celsius. I believe max allowable is in the mid 90s, but need to double check that.


You’re correct for meanwell hlg’s, max case temp 90c.


Good to know. We in F here and my driver is around 110… and turnd waaaay down. Lol.

Edit its 110 around the end of the day


My location is Fahrenheit, but Meanwell is science and science is Celsius :wink:

90 Celsius = 194 Fahrenheit

So you’ve got plenty of headroom. Be sure to measure the tiny little circle on the top panel of the driver with the letters TC in it. This was a note provided by their engineer directly over a call. Super sharp guy. I asked a bunch of questions when I did my little “spacer” mod and raised the driver an inch above the heat sync.

This was a good decision, temps are more even now between right/left side of the heat sync and dissipation has improved. Real world difference? No clue, likely a bit more efficient and longer lifespan of the QB board mounted directly under the driver.


The 600 is directly in front of the 6" EF intake so it does have quite a bit of airflow. I dont have a IR thermometer but its cool to the touch. I can put my hand directly on the heat sinks and driver they feel warm prolly around 100 or so degrees. Its funny tho cuz the plants seem to like the 600 better not sure why but the leaves under the 550 are lighter green???


Yup. That 110 is slightly warm to the touch. Not bad at all.


DAY 50- Major transformation today! Installed the double scrog net, chose 3 plants to scrog and two for LST. This will be interesting to see the yields in from each method. Of course #3, #8, #9 shape lent themselves best for scrog attempt. #1, #13 and I will catch up one of the #3 clones (most indica qualities) to be LST. Gave them all a haircut and went to town with the training day. Gave them all a nice deep watering today upping the nutes to full strength. Also 600 is cranked up 100% 550 is still 85%. SCROG net is 10" above the top of the pot.


Maybe just a little difference in way plants are feeding, otherwise not sure.


I take it your referring to the visual difference of the plants under the 550 v 600?


Yup that’s what I meant


DAY 51- I present to all the PEACE CHEST from the summer '18 grow. The scrogged plants are recovering nicely. Jeez these gals can take some punishment! Looking to flip in nine days so hopefully the accelerated schedule they can fill out that net! So I decided to keep one ILGM OG Skywalker indoor and replace her for the outdoor growth with a #13 clone to mix it up…


Outta likes but my my my… thats a buncha weed. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Congratulations on that harvest!


Quite the smorgasbord! Your girls look great!