Operation: mindcrime

Congrats on harvest :metal:


May 20th- little late today checking in, busy day, sifting Keif., my auto total was officially .75 pounds, minus an ounce for…

Received the Rosin press in today, just read the directions and watched some vids about it, think definitely some trials tomorrow, guess I’ll eventually get the dab puck compressor gizmo, makes sense lol

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May 21st- Wow, that little brownie rocked me lol, got up with like a stoned hangover lol, burped the jars and what a different medicine the PS is compared to the PAX, well given it’s an indica, good feel, might mess with the Rosin Press, or wait till tomorrow when the

Gets here, Since not really knowing I bought these and it’s made to use with this lol

So I switched up the fans today, bringing the outside the tent fan up and putting the small one down in the big clones tent, reasoning is the girl upstairs needs better lower circulation from outside the tent, eventually it’s gonna get hot as balls in the summer and AC will be required, downstairs in the basement it’s naturally cooler, and the lights throw off enough heat which makes it the perfect temp.
No ill side effects from the new supplement, I’m also using this stuff

Has good reviews only using 1 ml per gallon, play it safe…. Btw it has that liquid ass smell tooi, if you know what I’m talking about lol
Heres the queen

The twin princesses

All is well with the mini’s

I ain’t good looking but I ain’t shy- Bob Seger

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May 22nd- well flying out hard lol, trying the little ball of rosin+brownie, lol… awesome to say “this is why we do it!” From seed to medication, with the added bonus of knowledge.
So my take is the puck mold really helps, though I need to perfect my preparation and techniques, the press is nice, warmed up within 3 minutes, as per instructions I first tried it on the floor, possibly a future project making a press work bench, the counter will suffice next time though, hard to properly manage laying down lol

In all her splendid glory, noticed her leafs begin to droop at 1600 lol, the fan situations are perfect

These young ladies are blasting off now

The younglings are absolutely flourishing

“ This guns for hire - AC/DC


A tabletop vice is a nice addt to the puck press.

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May 23rd- Ate a brownie when I got home, kicking in lol, and a fire :fire: in the hole :hole: we’ll actually I started probing the outside spot I’m planning, rooty, rocky, typical Connecticut for ya, the few neighbors were not around, but there is a “bad barker” across the street, barking still actually, had to turn up the speaker outside to drown out the stupid barking.
So far I’ve noticed heightened euphoria with this harvest, nice feeling it lol
So as I posted last night and before I crashed, the younglings are doing great but… and I’m not sure what happens here, with clones, but the newest we’re taking right when I put her into flower and guess what, though they didn’t show this when I cut them…. Anyone? Maybe try a bonsai experiment lol

So there’s that, only thing I’ve heard is they turn out… strange lol

These ladies are putting on some weight and girth everyday now


It’s animal the shit that they toss to you - AC/DC

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May 24th- burping the jars, disappointing porch night, rain.
She’s looking beautiful

Some early combs development

Bigger yet, need to devise my early trellis strategy

The younglings in the Pete pots have roots popping out so transplant time

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