Operation: areolacola

May 24th- burping the jars, disappointing porch night, rain.
She’s looking beautiful

Some early combs development

Bigger yet, need to devise my early trellis strategy

The younglings in the Pete pots have roots popping out so transplant time

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May 25th- she looks like she need to open up some more

So I did, she is putting out a very nice fragrance! Also sticky to boot lol

This one is west to east perspective lol

This one is south to north

Kind of resembles a green starfish in this camera mode lol

Here are the minis, have to order more coast of Maine, good responses from the clones so far

These young ladies are mutants lol, think before the trellis I’m gonna cut all the big fan leafs and let the smaller ones develop more, the toppings on both are identical in appearance, figure that? Clones lol

Just chilling on the back deck enjoying some medication :sunglasses:

**“Learning to walk again” - Foo Fighters **

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May 26th- someone please school me here, should I be watering her twice a day? She seems so so stressed until she’s watered ? Before work in the morning and after, just a huge watering? She’s good now, her flowers are stacking now, getting fatter :sunglasses:

The earth :earth_americas: is flat

These little devils are getting repotted this weekend and hopefully located.

These young ladies… not sure… the big fans dwarf the other out grows….thinking ???

On brownie medication, and don’t forget to read between the lines and criticize the words their selling.:sunglasses:

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Something I was just thinking about, throwing it out there, I’ve observed that it always seemed at the normal watering schedule with my last autos seemed they were always perky before watering and always drooped after watering, I always took pictures before watering them for the most part. But this photo behaves quite differently when it’s watering time… maybe it’s about different metabolism’s ? Ehhh ? Stupid brownies lol😎

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If she is drinking it you can water her more then once a day.

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If she’s wilting that frequently I would guess you’re not soaking the medium fully. Let her sag till the pot feels light, water a cup or two evey 5 minutes till she spits out the bottom and get a feel for that weight when you lift her pot.

It’s not uncommon even even watering the correct amount to need to water more than once if your pot size is small, especially with larger plants.

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May 27th- ehh, funny going into a package store since I quit drinking like a year ago ( recover-er ) miss beer and skrewball lol, anyway this is strictly for one of today’s projects …

Tincture, time consuming, doing a pint or around 1 1/3 cups, decarb for 80 minutes ( .5 ounce) then the infusion part is 4 hours with my gizmo lol it’s nice to come home from work and put a drop under the tongue for a quicker dose reaction lol
So just been watering a little more than normal since I’m home. She has no complaints lol

Always have a smile when the dirt arrives… this stuff rocks btw!

The clones got new homes temporarily.

These poor ladies

Received the most abuse today, I stripped them of the monster fan leafs, they were very top heavy so now they resemble bean stalks lol

And the {OII2} update: so here is….what the company says to do once fully colonized, cut the top, let some air in, slight mist, reseal with clip, breather still open…… wait

So tomorrow will probably be a dab experimenting day, also i celebrate my 55th R3VOLUTION around the sun.

Just over an hour left lol

Think I’m gonna try this… bonsai, it’s said you can keep them in veg up to 5 years

May 28th- happy R3VOLUTION to me lol cheers Growmies!

Busy day for a Bumday, mixing all the nutes, replanting, conspiring on what I want to do, and what I can do, wanna plant out in the woods but there are kids around here… think I’ll stick with one on my back porch (8’ high) and 2 in the clone tent, the other 2 are going to friends.

The 3 clones that are still in limbo, well not sure about them… maybe cut the flower off them? Not sure if that will kill them? might have to chuck them unfortunately. Hope not… maybe one will be my bonsai experiment lol
All of the ones in the clone tent will be topped multiple times when the times right, one of those is the porch plant, and will be topped also…
After seeing how moms growing

They will be a beast trying to maintain a lower height lol
Here are some of her many main colas

My birthday gift to me tonight?

Infusing a 1/4 oz to 2 sticks butter… got 78 minutes left lol!
**Kill yourself begin again - Bruce Dickinson **


Came out excellent!

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May 29th- Memorial Day observed :us: received my new porch folder (chair) today was a perfect weather day, medicated, feel like I’m in a RV park on my back porch lol

Anyhow I got up this morning and thought I’ll scalp them, pretty much top them, taking off the flowers but trying to leave the nodes ( small clones )

I mean really I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with them since I might abandon an outdoor grow anyway plus I can pull clones off my “made” clones since they’re still in veg. Lol

Got these drip saucers in for the (made) clones… should have ordered and extra, real sturdy, like a whammo frisbee.

New placement with dishes, layered with river rock, scouting some possible topping areas on the elders .
I suspect I might start looking for a new lighting option soon.

The lady upstairs is getting more Devine every day, turpentine’s are more prominent with early trichome formations picking up. Watering her a lot this weekend, Humboldt’s natural bloom seems to be helping in the fattening of the many colas.

Off to hell week this week at the boat…remembering we are all


They’re lookin’ good. :v:


Yummy! What do you think the dose is per cookie?

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May 30th- @Docnraq I don’t have instruments to measure this however in my recipes I use 1/4 for cookies usually, and a 1/2 oz for brownies… they do me well, haven’t had anyone’s reactions yet as I haven’t given any away yet lol
So here’s some of momma’s development in her main colas followed by her🌹

My babydoll :heart:

See some developments with some pistils lengthening on the chop top clones

… time will tell, a friend of mine isn’t going to take one of them, so now, I spy…. New bonsai candidate lol
And my “made” ladies, younglings are enjoying their permanent homes, the elders in the back left and right, enjoyed a nice soothing triple topping each, amazingly on the same mirrored branches… they will fill out… they remind me of fat rat :rat: tails lol

As per yesterday, my research has brought me to this one particular light, made for my tent (2 x4) which is…. Really……perfect. :sunglasses:

Go with the flow

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Nothing wrong with that light for a 2x4.
The TS series uses bridgelux diodes which are good but older diodes. For a few more bucks Id recommend the sp3000 from mars. The diodes are samsung lm301b and they really make a difference. In my grow room, the tent on the right is lit by a Mars TS series light. The tent on the left is lit by a Mars FC series light.

You can see the drastic difference in light color. The FC series lights have the same diodes and drivers as the SP series. It would be worth saving the extra hundo up and getting the sp series light.

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May 31st- @Docnraq thanks, nice light, they update so much, like phones lol, it’s on its way now, it will be a lot better than what’s been currently running for almost 2 years, big update for that tent, I’m using a Barrina U-series in her (Big momma’s ) tent upstairs.

Not sure if they still make that series but no noise and seems the perfect light/heat reigning down. Well I’m guessing it will make photography easier also, my current lighting hate the iPhone and only allows for IR or UV photography… I’m sure there is some secret setting in this infinite OS somewhere :sunglasses:

The 2 with multiple toppings are spewing growth, the younglings loving it, loving it even more come Friday lol
The 3 hacked ones are growing new pistils

My Dyi for the night, screw those stupid clips, I went Velcro

Oh yeah snuck some shots in before work this morning, never see them in the dark.